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the best part

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By greenfan12 [Ignore] at 15,Apr,12 18:08   Pageviews: 64

so, what's your most favorite part of your body to have licked/sucked/kissed by your partner? and what's your favorite part to lick/suck/kiss on them?
don't forget to add the 'why', it's the funnest part...

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By #363802 [Ignore] at 05,Jan,16 18:01
My favorite part to lick /suck on someone else is,on a guy,his cock. On a female,her pussy,ass,tits,feet,legs,stomach,neck etc......
By greenfan12 [Ignore] at 25,Jan,16 02:49
So pretty much any part with some skinn?
By #363802 [Ignore] at 25,Jan,16 04:11
lol! Yeah,pretty much!

By Greenman1968 [Ignore] at 21,Jan,16 22:17
I love to explore my partners body to see what he or she responds to most. Then use that as a tease area.
I like to have the very tops of each leg, just below my abdomen kissed and licked. For some reason, that area is sensitive.
By greenfan12 [Ignore] at 25,Jan,16 02:54
Great routine ! And what a dope spot to be sensitive at, those leggs.. thanks for commenting greenman! I can relate to such spot

By #503447 [Ignore] at 16,Jan,16 21:42
I love nipple play. Kissing someones neck and feeling him get hard then lick my way down to work on both nipples. When he starts to thrust and get wet, I like to roll my tongue down, kissing his belly button, moving around the base of his cock, sucking on his balls and moving up to the base of his head and tongue the slit for awhile, every now and then rolling my tongue around his whole head until he begs to fuck my mouth.
By greenfan12 [Ignore] at 25,Jan,16 02:51
Nipple play has always been strange for me, I don't think it turns me on o.O lol, but that torso licking sure does.. it does lots before it gets intense with dick lickin !!

By #503087 [Ignore] at 17,Dec,15 01:35
Genitals, both ways, obviously! Asshole comes in second!
By greenfan12 [Ignore] at 25,Jan,16 02:48
Lame! Let your asshole be played with !

By #477073 [Ignore] at 13,May,15 21:35
It is hard to say cause i don't have a life partner in my life.
By greenfan12 [Ignore] at 25,Jan,16 02:48
That sucks; but don't beat yourself over the head w it; beat your head and it'll all be better ^-^

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