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my dad's friend part 2

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By bda1406 [Ignore] at 07,Nov,15 11:08   Pageviews: 100

My dad comes home from work he tells me that his friend wants me to go over I go over she tells me she needed a bartender asked me to serve her friends drinks and collect car keys from everyone as they arrive and enjoy what she put together. She says she has to go pick up what I am supposed to wear for the party cause none of my clothes will do comes back with a T-shirt that reads toy with an arrow pointing down I look at it and ask where the pants she said lets cut to the chase this party is just 5 old girlfriends of mine they don't care about anything but the cock. Any of them go down on you let them I'd you want pussy just walk up to some one and play with the pussy you want and I agree of course her friends come and sure enough half hour after this lady walks up and starts blowing me as I sat on the couch and I blow my load as my dick slips out and lands on her chin I must of turned three shades of red and she looks at me and says no its good I forgot to say it but don't cum in my mouth I rather have it on my skin.another lady asks me for a beer so I go to the fridge to get she follows close and sucks my sick for but a minute and walks away I go back to the couch and I say what the why do I want to watch TV go find my dad's friend and ask her to fuck and she tells me she is the host she can't fuck or blow me till after the party if I am able. So I walk thru the house trying to figure out if there was someone else who I wanted to fuck when the minute blowjob happens again same girl I walk thru looming at the ladies seeing who I would be interested in when these two walk up to me and say our turn one sucks my balls while the other sucks my dick to explotion. Go grab my self a beer and the minute blow job girl struck again then the last girl was walking past me slams me against the wall go down and sucks my dick agins cum in her mouth I go to the kitchen make myself a simple drinkthink was just mountain dew with southern comfort I drink that and minute girl comes again I grabbed her by the hair as she went to walkaway and ask her wwhat's with the minute blow jobs she tells me she was trying to be fucked I **** sucking dickand was trying to sway my opton to her quicker I say no that's another night get her number and get everyone to leave go find the hostand inform her all is gone she smiles and says ok good night I say no bens over its time to fuck and she bends over I come up behind her and place my dick right her pussy and I pump away until I cum I fall over and crash on the spot wake up in the morning to being blown I shot my load right then she clears her mouth and tells me I was the sixth guy her friends did this to and the first one to do anything with the host after wards and only one other even last the whole event I told her that her pussy was the only one I wanted to fuck that night I grabbed one girls number to contact another night

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By licksipsuckit [Ignore] at 12,Nov,15 20:09
Gee you have a great dad! And his friends *lix *
By bda1406 [Ignore] at 13,Nov,15 10:01
Ya was good times

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