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By bda1406 [Ignore] at 18,Aug,16 00:17   Pageviews: 84

I am at a friend's house just hanging out and I go to take a use his bathroom. So there I am sitting on the toilet when there door flies open and there is standing this beautiful chubby woman blond hair she pulls down her pants and shoves her pussy right at my mouth and says eat this I obey can't resist a pussy in my face after all and after about a half hour she starts shaking in uncontrollably she looks down and says I heard you can give orgasms by going down and I really needed one so figured was time to find out. I bent her over the sink and fucked the pussy that I just ate till I came up deep in it then shoved my dick in her mouth so she could taste us. Turned out to be his wifes friend

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