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By tb1 [Ignore] at 28,Aug,16 11:55   Pageviews: 124

Today was a triple cock day.
I went to the washroom and the guy standing at the urinals on the right had a cut dick, normal size and he was just there to piss.

I was driving through the park later and saw a guy heading to the outdoor washroom. I quickly parked and followed him. He was uncut, average size, actually for a big guy, his dick was small. I looked over at him once but he didn't return my glance. He finished pissing, washed up and and left.

Then I drove home but stopped at another washroom first. A guy came and stood beside me. Shorter than me, stocky, cute, about thirty years old. He pulled his cock and balls out over top of his sweat pants and proceeded to piss. He had an eye-candy cock! Awesome specimen. About average girth and 4 inches soft and cut with a bit of foreskin around his glans. Good size nutsack too. As he pissed he drew his hood back and then let it relax. He did this a few times and I was getting this warm fuzzy feeling in my privates. I looked over at him once but he did not look my way. Oh well, I appreciated what my eyes saw anyway.

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By #475677 [Ignore] at 20,Nov,16 07:24

By licksipsuckit [Ignore] at 29,Aug,16 01:43
l guess the urinal thing must be a turn on for guys, l don't get it myself, are you there wanting to suck cocks or get laid??? or just perv on cocks?? *lix*
By tb1 [Ignore] at 29,Aug,16 13:42
To look and see what develops

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