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By tb1 [Ignore] at 20,Sep,16 09:39   Pageviews: 158

I had a couple of hours free today and I deliberately went looking for cock.
I drove to a local well-known park. I parked and got out of my vehicle and just sort of strolled around playing with my cell phone. A red car entered the parking lot and parked. His window was down so I went over to speak to him.
He was about 35 years old and pretty good looking. When I got to his window, I could see one hand was in his crotch rubbing and squeezing his genitals. I asked him if the nearby washroom was still open. He said he thought so. Whereupon, I left to get back in my car. He drove away and I followed. He got to the washroom first and I followed a few minutes later.
The urinals all had dividers between them but I could see him rubbing his cock as I went to the urinal beside him. I unzipped and pulled out my cock and balls.
I latched onto his cock and started to stroke. He did likewise. We both soon got boners.
He leaned in close and put both arms around me. He kissed my neck and cheek and I reciprocated. He had stopped rubbing my cock but I continued to stroke his.
His cock was cut, about 5 inches long, average girth and his knob was a little thicker than the shaft of his cock. I carried on stroking him while he just wanted to cuddle.
He whispers in my ear "dam, you're clean." A bit odd I thought but it was a compliment.
While he was fully erect and into my jerking him, I did not get him to ejaculate. Maybe he had already got off recently.
I decided we'd better stop after 15 minutes before we got discovered. Maybe I will run into him again someday and get a cum shot out of him.

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By licksipsuckit [Ignore] at 23,Sep,16 21:43
l hope you do and next time you take it a bit further *lix*

By tb1 [Ignore] at 23,Sep,16 09:32
I went back to this park today. As I turned into the parking lot, driving very slowly, a guy was driving out, we made deliberate eye contact, he looked interesting. I tapped my brakes as he got past me, in my rear view mirror, I saw his rear lights also blink on and off. I drove to this same washroom. I saw him turn around and follow. I parked near the washroom and went in. I was standing at one of the urinals when I heard the door open. Bummer, it was 4 park workers. They all took urinals but with the fucking dividers, I could not see a thing. As I was washing up, the guy in the car came in, too late.


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