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Before we got married

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By hardonow [Ignore] at 29,Oct,16 09:43   Pageviews: 66

Once, when my wife and I were on holiday with my parents, 6 months before we got married, We had been on holiday and were traveling back home when we stopped on the way at a hotel for the night. While we were in the holiday hotel, each night we waited until my parents had gone to bed, and my fiancee would come up to my bedroom in her nightdress, and as soon as she closed my bedroom door off would come he nightdress and my clothes and we would have a very prolonged naked cuddle and kiss - my cock was of course as stiff as a poker. Once I came by accident - I was getting it as big as I could before she came and wanted to measure it. I came just as the door opened. In Bath we did the same thing, but I went to her bedroom, where we intended to **** together (but without sex). We felt guilty though and decided just a cuddle was best and I went back to my room afterwards.

About one month after we first met we decided to get over the embarrassment of being naked together and this was the regular routine each time we were alone in her parents' house - not the house of my parents': they were far too strict. We met about four times a week and each time I took her home, we always parked and stripped off as much as we could and spent our time cuddling of course but also greatly exercising our sex organs as much as possible without indulging in direct sex. On meeting her, remembering the wild oats I had sowed, I vowed I would show myself (and her) it was her as a person I wanted and not her body. Once when I picked her up she had on a front buttoning dress. It was summer and we were going to the pictures. Whilst we were watching, I slid my hand up her leg and: found not only had she no stockings on, she had on no knickers - or bra - or anything. Boy, did we have fun when I took her home. I often wondered about that night and about a year ago I asked my wife why she had gone out without any underwear. What would she have thought, had I fucked her. Her reply was: "Nothing, would it have mattered?"

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By onthelose [Ignore] at 22,May,18 18:16
That's the one thing I have that so many don't. Like you and your wife, my wife and I are best friends. 51 years this year.
By hardonow [Ignore] at 23,May,18 10:52
We always thought that the most important thing, like you and your wife, was to be the best of friends. If sex wanes, firendship keeps the relationship real.

By licksipsuckit [Ignore] at 31,Oct,16 04:55
its nice to remember the simple things that made us feel good while courting someone *lix*
By hardonow [Ignore] at 31,Oct,16 08:59
it sure does lix. It brings back such happy memories. Do you find that? Nice to hear from you, by the way. Hope you are well. Did you read my other blog about my adventures with other girls before I got married.
When I met my to-be wife I took her home that night. When I returned home (this is the first night) I said to my Mum "I'm going to marry that girl" My Mum said, "how do you know" and I replied "I just do". 448 years later we are still married the best of friends.:x

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