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Nervous guy

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By Chrissy2012 [Ignore] at 11,Dec,16 02:37   Pageviews: 104

I had watched him sit for a long while at the bar, making odd small talk but never much more, as the evening went on his confidence fading.

As he ent out for a smoke I wondered out and now alone in the alley, I asked why are you here friend you seem far from home. He laughed then looked at me a moment before saying he wants to try a blow job from a guy. As he avoided eye contact I reassured him saying that's good I thought you were the police.

telling him to come with me I led him round the back of the bar to the storage area, saying how no one goes there at night I crouched down and unzipped the trouser of his suit, as he did not resist I reached inside finding a hard cock. Pulling his cock free of boxer shorts then through the trousers I kissed the tip of the head then licked and kissed down the shaft. Now steadying myself by holding his ass I took his stiff cock between my lips, sucking him as I slid his cock deeper towards by throat.

His twitching and moaning suggested he liked this sluts mouth, I slid my hands round UN doing his belt the trousers so I could feel and play with his balls. Now one hand on his balls the other gripping his ass I built up a nice slow pace up and down his cock with my lips. I could feel his balls tighten but still was caught by surprise when without him saying a word the powerful jet of cum filled my mouth and throat.

I licked him clean before thanking him as he sorted out his trousers.

He reached in his pocket and taking out a 20 note said thanks you little whore, then he walked off. I was happy to do for free but hey cum and 20 a good night.

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By sissyEVELYNN [Ignore] at 31,Dec,16 15:05
Thanks,that is a hot story!

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