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Weekend antics 2

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By Biodome1977 [Ignore] at 10,Jan,17 22:41   Pageviews: 79

So we went into a spare bedroom. His house is set up with a master bedroom at one end and the living room and kitchen between two other bedrooms.

He didn't hesitate one bit. We got naked and started making out. Hands roaming. I broke off the kiss and said, "Are you bi?" He said, "Well, never done anything with another guy before. Extremely curious. You?" I said, "I'm bi." He said, "Wife know?" I said, "Nah. Never did tell her. You know why we get together on weekends for, right?" He said, "I figure it's something to do. Just have fun with another couple." I said, "Our wives have been having sex." He said, "Holy shit! Really? Karen never said anything about being attracted to women." I said, "Trust me. I know."

We were both still standing. I got on my knees and started sucking his dick. He said, "Oh god. That's nice. Karen hasnt given head in forever." I had my hands on his thighs working his cock with my mouth. He said, "I wanna suck your dick too."

We got on the bed and 69d. My absolute favorite thing to do with another man. He must have not had any sex for a while because it didn't take much to make him cum. I swallowed happily which made him happy. He kept sucking me. I was close to cumming and told him so. He was timid about swallowing. So I had him lay on his back and I jacked off onto myself.

Afterwards, we got cleaned up and went back into the living room. Girls were still not in sight. We fired up the ps4 and started playing. I said, "Don't Tell ur wife you know the reason for these visits. She thinks you don't know. Definitely don't tell her about what you and I did. Better for us to just keep that a ****."

Girls came out a half hour later. Both of them looked a bit disheveled. Sara said, "Ready to go babe?" I said, "Yeah I guess. Gotta work early tomorrow." Sara and Karen hugged and kissed on the lips. Not making out. Just a peck. Karen said, "Glad you got to come over!" Sara said, "Oh I love it. Next weekend?" Karen said, "As always." I said to Frank, "Kick some butt on cod next weekend?" He said, "Hell yeah."

Sara and I got into the car. I said, "So?" She said, "So what?" I said, "Have fun?" She said, "Oh god yes. Would you be mad if I told you I want to do it more than just once a week?" I said, "What? These visits?" She said, "Well...More like we want to have sex more than just on Saturdays. Would you be OK with that?" I said, "And what about Frank?" She said, "Well, we were thinking she can come to my house and you can go hang out with Frank at his house."

I said, "I guess that may be OK." If only she realized what she was suggesting

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By #526129 [Ignore] at 15,Jan,17 00:37
Loved it!

By sissyEVELYNN [Ignore] at 13,Jan,17 21:35
Sounds like everyone will be happy.

By cruisebi [Ignore] at 11,Jan,17 17:03
Sounds perfect

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