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By hardonow [Ignore] at 01,Feb,17 12:32   Pageviews: 42

As I say my first fiancee was a disappointment, but now I knew what sex was. Up to then I had only wanked regularly with pinup mags and didn’t even know what was between a girl’s legs. Now I wanted more.

When the engagement broke up.I went to see a striptease dancer. She too was disappointing: she had on knickers and her tits were small and nipples covered with stickers.

After the strip tease, the following day I went to pick up a girl (short yellow mini skirt – I had seen her the night before, but had no money). I walked back with her to her house and asked how long you got. She said “it takes as long as it takes”. She asked me which of them I wanted (there were two girls) and I chose the girl with the miniskirt and stripped fully – she had on a black jumper but took her skirt off with her back to me and dropped her brown knickers – “what a gorgeous sexy arse! - my cock shot straight up. She took my cock in her hands and put on a comdom. I asked if I could kiss her and play with her tits. She lifted up black jumper and bra to show her tits – her friend stayed in the room. Boy did I fuck. This was my first fuck where I came. Afterwards I was in ecstasy.

I met two girls in Huddersfield during my lunch hour –– one was pregnant, . I paid £8 and they said they would give me a good time. The pregnant girl showed her tits and let me stroke them while I watched the other girl do a strip – she had on flowered underwear and had a lovely slim figure. They told me to just drop my pants and the now naked girl came over and knelt wanking my cock, while I stroked her tits, but it took a long time to get a hard on, and my cock bled from too vigorous wanking. No condom was used. I came on a towel while the other woman was present. She douched her cunt with a spray of water. I was about an hour late back to work. Still my head was in the clouds. When I arrived back from work no one asked why I was late.

Late one night I went to the house where I had fucked the first “pro” and met the other girl who had been with her before. She was in bed in a nightdress, but said she would fuck me – she lifted up her nightdress (she had on no knickers) and let me fuck her. She had been slashed with a weapon by someone) but was very kind and told me who else I could go with.

I fancied fucking a black girl, who was shapely and was waiting for business, but she refused – she thought I was a policeman. I took a fatter woman to her house in the car. They was a party and dance downstairs. I went upstairs with the woman. It was dark – she didn’t remove her dress she just dropped her knickers and lifted her dress up – I felt up her dress for her tits. I just got my cock out and fucked her in dark, near a cot with a baby in it. When I cam downstairs, I saw her daughter and wished I could fuck her. I was told I could call at the house – anytime.

I picked a girl up in a car and we drove to some vacant land. She got in the back and hitched her skirt up removing her knickers. She unzipped my trousers and reached in for my cock, which was already stiffening. She said, “someone’s got a lot”. I kept my trousers on but they split. She lifted up her jumper and pulled her tits out of her bra. “I haven’t got a lot”, she said. After we fucked, she said: “someone’ll make a good husband” I asked why, and she said: “because I came slowly” She was OK.

One evening I was looking for a girl and as I passed a pub, a girl came out whom I asked if she was available. She asked where I wanted to fuck, and I said my car. She said” you can’t fuck properly in a car” so she took me to her house. She told me to take off everything including socks and get myself ready” – I got a hard on as she returned naked– she was shaved – I said: “you’re shaved” and she said it was more hygienic. We used a condom. It was amazing being able to fuck a totally naked girl. She was a good fuck. Then we got dressed together.

I met a girl during a cold early winter evening. We were both very well wrapped up. We went to her house and there was another woman there. They had a roaring fire and I warmed myself while I watched the younger girl strip in front of fire. When she removed her coat I saw she was gorgeous. She had on a blue bra and pants, stockings and suspenders. She was very kind and friendly and had a nice figure and tits. She couldn’t remove her boots. Imagine I was knelt down in front of a naked girl, trying to get her boot zip to work. We couldn’t get them off so she just rolled her stockings down and tucked them into her boots.

I got undressed now in front of the fire and she came to work on my cock and put on a condom. Then she walked away from me. I just looked at her gorgeous shapely arse. She sat in a chair and lifted her spread legs. I just looked at her arse as she walked away and thought about my cock going in there in a minute. She had few pubes, but her cunt looked like a ginger target. “Come on sexy” she called as I approached her. I started to fuck slowly, but she wrapped her legs round me to make me go faster. While we were fucking, the other woman came in to see if everything was OK. After we had finished she wrapped my well loaded condom in a tissue and gave me one to wipe off my cock. We then had a cup of tea before I left. She was very nice.

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By onthelose [Ignore] at 21,May,18 12:42
I always said when I was younger that I would never pay for sexbut later in life I found myself paying.The first time I was never out and it really was quite mechanical as all other times were. I did enjoy the fact that I was fucking women who wouldn’t give me the time of day otherwise. I did later meet a women who I had sex with on a regular basis who I paid a really token fee to fuck. We became comfortable with each other and it was a lot of fun. Looking back I wished I would have done things to her that didn’t come to mind at the time. She was totally uninhibited and would meet me totally nude. She had small breasts and wasn’t much to look at but I have an average cock and loved using it on her pussy so we were even. She eventually got in trouble with the law and I have never seen her again. I missed our times together but I realized I. Was always fearful of my wife finding out. She wouldn’t have approved even tho. We didn’t have sex anymore, her wishes.
By hardonow [Ignore] at 23,May,18 11:08
You sound to have had a very good time with your girl friend. It is a pity that things ended - you could have had so much more fun and experimented more. I didn't find paid sex mechanical though. The girls were ever so nice to me. One girl undressed and fund couln't remove her boots as the zip had broken. There she was naked with me trying to remove her boots. After we had cum she offered me a cup of te before we got dressed. The othe girls were just as nice.

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