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The begining with my husband.

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By Exposemycat31 [Ignore] at 14,Sep,17 18:11   Pageviews: 230

The first time i fucked my now husband he had no idea i had planned it from the start.

We were at work the first time i saw him, i had just started in a new job, i was sat in a small stuffy room with my new manager. He was a short fat man with a sweaty complexion, as he sat in his chair he fidgeted a lot which gave the impression of air shagging, i wondered how he would have coped if i had come into work as I would have truly liked no knickers and no bra. Was looking forward to the day that would be a situation they would come to expect it, like in my old job.

So in walked this gorgeous specimen of a man, tall, dark, and handsome.

My fanny just watered at the sight of him, as he came in the room and started talking to Bob, the manager he noticed me, he turned and looked me up and down, i hoped he liked what he saw.

I'm a size 12, 36E boobs, i was wearing a tight, low cut top, and jeggins with no vpl as i never wear panties unless to tease.

Bob unaware of the instant heat between us suggested that my husband to be, Mark, show me around tomorrow when i had had all my building safety courses.

Day 2,

Oh yes i was gonna show that man what a sexy woman i am, low cut top again, but back to my usual short and loose skirt and definitely no panties, he was going to know for sure i was presenting him my cunt to take.

I flashed a couple of guys on the bus on the way, got me nice and damp to see them staring at my pussy from across the isle of the bus as i sat with my skirt hitched up caught on my bag on my lap ( unknowingly), and my legs open.

As I entered the office Bob's jaw dropped, my nipples poking out through my top from my tight top and no bra, i loved the reaction.

Mark looked me clearly up and down took my and and said let me show you round, it was ment as a piss take but i so wanted to put his hand on my hot damp pussy right then.....

So Mark started taking me around the shop floor, he loved taking me past the guys on piece time, me in my barely covered shirt and short skirt just skimming my bottom.
Mark started showing me things in detail which meant we had to get close and personal.
I loved the slight stroke over my arse he tried to cover up, each time he did I have him a very deliberate wink, there was no cover up, and I was just getting wetter and wetter.
We got to the end of the tour, and I was HORNY and a bit pissed, all I wanted right now was cock and hard.
As Mark was saying goodbye Bob returned, I could see he liked today's outfit, he asked if I had the time to fill in so paperwork in his office.
I nearly wet myself, this was a true chance for cock in this reserved company.
I said goodbye to snark sadly, and entered Bob's office, he had a big leather armchair to the side of his desk, I sat on the arm of chair, a leg each side, the right resting in the cushion.
All Bob could see was my legs and my wet horny pussy, ki inched my skirt up so he could get a better view......

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By SexyCock69 [Ignore] at 14,Oct,17 18:10
Well I wish I was there when you walked in because my cock would definitely be standing and aching in my jeans


By onthelose [Ignore] at 17,Sep,17 21:03
I wish there were more women like you. I am sick to death of all the head games associated with women. I hope you weren't upset when men noticed you didn't have a bra on ,like so many women would be here.

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