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Guys who post their wife/gf's faces

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By CloseYetFar [Ignore] at 17,Sep,17 02:19   Pageviews: 165

I've tried for a long time to understand why so many guys on here post full shots of the women they're with, including face, but show little more than their own cock.

I realize that to some of them, they feel the female pics are hotter and want to show those off more than themselves. Or, maybe they use the female pics to try and get more attention, or as an opening to hit on people who only want couples.

I find it weird and offputting though, because it comes off more like those men are just that insecure and hide behind their wife/gf's pics. Or might even be posting pics of these women without their permission/knowledge. The funny part is I suspect some female users might feel the same way - I've seen a few blogs here about similar issues.

If anyone answers this, feel free to share your opinion about this. Or, if you're a guy who does this, you're welcome to share your own reasons for it. Just really curious... it's a bummer clicking some guy's profile and seeing about 3 pics of them hidden among 80 of their female companions.

*EDIT* I only specified this about guys posting female partners' pictures because it happens much more often than with gay/bi men (whose photos tend to show a fair amount of everyone involved) or women (because how many women fill their profiles with cocks and nude boyfriends?).

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By tinyguy [Ignore] at 13,Sep,18 19:09
I show all of me, face and all.

By #460523 [Ignore] at 12,Apr,18 21:35
I show just myself my wife does not know I am on here

By Ingot [Ignore] at 18,Sep,17 13:15
You're not being petty at all. I've oft noticed the same thing.

If I were to post any pictures of the girl I'm dating - it would likely be something in a short black skirt and heels. Not a nude pic.

I have pics of her wearing her strap on. VERY sexy pics and her face is not showing. She has seen the pics and finds them very hot. And she actually posted it online once already (again her face does not show at all).

Good post and hopefully men read it and rethink posting pics of their partners. If they have permission - cool.

I'll sum it up this bucket list includes hiring a HOT ****. In the event I do - then heck yes I will share pics of her in the act.

And no LOL I'm not insinuating that we're talking about guys who post their partner's face pics are really girl$ they paid for LOL

By licksipsuckit [Ignore] at 18,Sep,17 03:40
l think its wrong, if youre going to show others faces, you should at least show your own, when l first met my bloke here, he showed his face on his page and l didn't want to show it on my page, l didn't think it was my right to show anyones but my own on my page, things are different now, as a couple we both show them on both our pages, but when blokes here show random girls faces, lm pretty certain, they (the girls) have no idea theyre on a porn site.. and a lot aren't even known by the blokes, theyre just web shots to get views.. and on sites like this, who's going to check their authenticity??? *Lix*
By CloseYetFar [Ignore] at 18,Sep,17 06:41
It's definitely true that there's almost no way to verify the authenticity of each "couple", or the partners on someone's page. And I'm sure quite a few take advantage of this.

I can see a few reasons someone might hide their face while showing a partner's - maybe they work somewhere conservative, or their partner likes the thrill of being exposed. What I can't understand, is why any guy would make a profile here for himself, fill it almost entirely with full-body pics of the women he's been with, and show nothing more than his own pecker...

Could you imagine how guys would react to women filling their own pages with hot solo shots of their boyfriends, with occasional close-ups of just their own junk?

By kebmo [Ignore] at 18,Sep,17 00:07
I agree. It's a disgusting betrayal of trust.
By CloseYetFar [Ignore] at 18,Sep,17 06:30
It certainly can be... I mean it's different if the partner shown also participates and interacts on their profile, because everyone's got their preferences and I respect that.

I'm sure plenty of the guys who do this really Do have permission to use the pics they post, too. Impossible to tell in most cases. But when they're so hesitant to show themselves as well, it makes me wonder...

By Ingot [Ignore] at 17,Sep,17 20:35
Very good post by be clear the "girls" who show face in my gallery are fine with it as one of them posts on other sites.
The other girl I won't show "her" face but "she" is fine that I have the face hidden.

Outside of that, I show my entire body except the face.

And I don't show my real gf's body or face. She is a genetic female.
By CloseYetFar [Ignore] at 18,Sep,17 06:23
Oh, to be honest I'm mostly referring to the guys whose profiles are full of naked women but barely even have pictures of themselves.

You definitely show a lot of yourself in your gallery, and if someone's cool with their face being shown on here, that's great. I guess it just feels weird to see full-body shots of the women these guys are with, and a couple of disembodied cock shots thrown in.

By bella! [Ignore] at 17,Sep,17 03:25
Everything you point out is spot on!
By CloseYetFar [Ignore] at 18,Sep,17 06:03
Thanks! Sometimes I wonder if I'm just being petty about this sort of thing, so it's nice to see that others notice it too.

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