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question of the day

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By eager4oral [Ignore] at 18,Sep,17 11:23   Pageviews: 74

todays question was "does sxual attraction to shemales mean you are gay?"

I answered no.

In my case, it means I am BI.

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By onthelose [Ignore] at 19,Sep,17 20:28
I fail to see why people have to put themselves into a box, Gay, Bi, Straight or whatever. Maybe people feel like they have to be a part of something. The titles are really irrelevant ,especially here were men who list themselves as straight and want to suck your cock. The only thing I can cum up with is it is easier to find someone who thinks and likes the same thing you do.
By eager4oral [Ignore] at 26,Sep,17 11:33
well said, I think of labels as a starting point but in reality, there is a complete spectrum of people in between each label.
By Ingot [Ignore] at 29,Sep,17 14:12
I agree with you. It's a safe starting point to label yourself first. Although I have more messages from straight men since I've been on showitoff

For the record, I am the masculine male in the pics of my gallery. And I'm showing off just how dominant I am with girlyboys.

But oh I do love me a Dominant Sissy. Rare but a wonderful find

By Ingot [Ignore] at 18,Sep,17 13:40
I'm bisexual and I am attracted to cross dressers or shemales.

But if a man is heterosexual and is attracted to shemales - then he remains heterosexual.

If said heterosexual male engages in a sexual act with a shemale then he no longer can refer to himself as heterosexual.

All just labels anyway.
By eager4oral [Ignore] at 26,Sep,17 11:34
i agree, BTW, love your profile.
By Ingot [Ignore] at 29,Sep,17 14:08
Thanks. I'm a fan of a nice bulge (such as the on in your avatar). I may not even suck it but I would definitely touch and admire it.

I am a selectively homosexual male who happens to enjoy females.

By chubbyloves [Ignore] at 21,Sep,17 14:34
why do you have to "BE" anything. Be yourself and enjoy what makes you happy. I like pussy, girls, dicks and men. If I needed a label it would be BI
By eager4oral [Ignore] at 26,Sep,17 11:31
I absolutely agree but labels are important for some and at least a starting point for others to get to know you.

By licksipsuckit [Ignore] at 20,Sep,17 03:49
most of the questions l just pass on, most lately haven't made sense, l don't know how they get passed to print *lix*

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