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By gooreceiver [Ignore] at 19,Sep,17 04:54   Pageviews: 77

It was like any other day for me in my easy life, I woke up and had some tea with some fruit and toast and headed out to the gym. I didn't think nothing special of today and my work out went uninterrupted as if no one else was there just like any other day, there weren't many people here at all anyways this early in the morning. I finished and headed into the change room when "it" happened.
I was kind of shy of being naked with others in the common area of the change room but it was empty so I did a full change since I did cardio and was sweating heavily, I stripped naked and than as soon as I was bending over looking into my bag for fresh wear someone walked into the change room behind me that I hadn't heard entered and whoere it was got a full view of my full moon.
"gasp" I thought darting up quickly and looking to see who it was and my heart sang as I laid eyes on a stocky strong handsome black man.
He looked me up and down in my b-day suit and laughed as I blushed, I must of been pretty red he was really attractive!
He had a short buzz cut cropped like a ceasar and he had manly facial features, clean shaven though. He had Thick arms and a muscular looking body which i immediately admired. He dropped his bag on the bench where I was with his eyes locked onto me "come here often? I haven't seen you before." he said to me.
I tried to look him in the eyes but it felt fiercely seductive the way he was looking back at me and I looked down, unseemingly staring at his crouch now, "early sometimes, not alot." I said.
"too bad." he said with a smirk which brought my gaze back to his. "I could get used to your pretty face around here."
I smiled shyly breathing out somewhat laughing, I was embarassed "thanks!" I said looking back down.
"You gonna finish getting dressed or continure to stare down at my crotch?"he teased
"I.. oo I'm sorry, I wasn't, I mean... It wasn't like that!"I was confused how to reply because he knew, I could feel him looking right through me, he knew I was attracted to him.
He pulled off his shirt and put it down on the bench revealing his bulky muscles, it was an impressive build and then he thumbed his sweat pants down quickly and pulled them off, he wasn't wearing underwear and his cock just flopped out!
"o!" I shyly blurted and blushed turning away.
"Do you like it?" he said. "Do you think it is big?" taking it his hand and motioning my attention down to it with his eyes once I turned to look at him.
"It is nice, ya big must be huge when erect, sorry though I am shy and this is real awkward for me..."I said confessing sheepishly.
"Get down on your knees and suck my dick."he demanded.
I looked around in horror "What? no! what if someone comes in? And excuse me you shouldn't talk that way to me either!"
He didn't say anything he just grabbed me and pushed me back agaisnt the wall and forced a kiss on me. He had me pinned good by the arms and was sticking his tongue into my mouth, I liked it, it felt weird him **** himself on me like this though. He started getting hard, real hard and fast I could tell as it protruded into my leg, he released one of my arms to grab hold of it and jerk it. "Do as I say or I will only get more rough!"he said moving his hand to my head and pushing on top of it to **** me down to my knees.
Down on my knees I grabbed his dick in hand by the bottom of it, it was a nice dick, cut and veiny, he trimmed his pubes all the way down too so that it looked really beauitful to me, I jerked it off some looking up at his face and I could see his smile and it was nice but I was scared and he knew it! He than used his finger to slick up his precum on and **** it into mouth. "Get used to the taste you're gonna get lots more where that came from, now suck it!"he said as he used his hand to **** my head on his manhood.
I sucked the head of his cock quickly and vehemently going halfway down his cock alot too till I felt my gag reflex even a little then I pulled it out and lick his head a little with the tip of my tongue till he grasped my head and thrust his cock deep down my throat holding it all the way down there for some time, he released his pressure on my head and I quickly moved my head back gagging hard as he came out of my throat, tears running down my eyes from the reflex, I looked up into his eyes and jerked his cock furiously before returning to suck this strangers beautiful cock forcfully but joyfully, I was liking this.
I don't know how long I had been blowing him, it was quite some time now, he had found a pace where he could go deep in my throat without me gagging to much and he used his hands to help keep the pace he was enjoying till I briefly put his gland in my mouth and looked into his eyes as I sucked on it like a lollipop. "Come here." he said looking back into my eyes, "were going into the shower and I am going to move this assault to your ass and make a real bitch out of you."
"No, please no, it is too big, I've never done this before!"
I protested taking his cock out but non stop jerking it.
"shut up, and move!" he said grabbing me by the arm and **** me into the privacy of the shower.
He left briefly and I stood there, scared but pleased, was it wrong to enjoy this? I thought to myself, was he gonna hurt me? I hope he is gentle on my ass.
He came back with a tube and starting opening it then he stopped looking through me again "it isn't going to suck itself."he growled glaring at me.
I quickly went to my knees and grappled his ass in my hands and started sucking his cock again as fast and deep as I could make his shaft go without gagging heavily on the girth of it. "Impressive!"he said eventually and pulled his dick out of my mouth and forced me to my feet and turned me around.
He pressed my head agaisnt the wall and leaned in andin a deep chilling whisper into my ear he said "people always say no it is too big like you did, but not you, not this time, I won't take it from you, I love you, you are so hot!"
He bent me over slightly and I leaned with it putting my hands on the wall keeping the position of my face close agiasnt the shower wall, trembling with the fear of what comes next as he worked lube on his cock. He then grabbed the upper part of my thighs and I could soon feel my ass crowning on the tip of his massive hard dick and he slowly started to ease more in, I shifted my head some and gasped out and he shifted his hips down some and used one of his hands to help guide it in because he was hard as a rock and I was much to tight for the resistance of it but in due time of slowly easing into me he decided to pull back a bit and I moaned as it felt good sliding out, releieving the pain inside my body he was dealing to me with it. "Did you like that? You want it more, don't you you dirty slut!"he beckoned to me.
I liked his precum that was stuck to my lip off with tongue and swallowed "Yes, do it more! Fuck me please!"I didn't know what else to say.
"Good, your ass belongs to me now! Is this how you want it." He said burying his cock back deep into my ass.
"Yes, I am slut for it and want it bad!"I moaned out as he started to thrust more quickly into me.
He was now using both his hands and his waist to plow into me hard and fast and I just leaned there moaning and taking it, pressing the side of my face agaisnt the wall "yeah, you love it you will worship my dick and take it whenever I want."he said sexually with a winded voice as he thrust into me.
I moaned and moaned as he treated my ass like he was trying to penetrate a fortress with all his might using his dick. "I'm gonna cum soon." he said breathing hot and heavy and all I could do was moan out sexually.
He then pulled his cock out and took it in his hand"Quickly, get on your knees and face me" he ordered hurriedly.
I turned and knelt to my knees and he started furiously jerking off pointing towards my face. "open you mouth!' He exclaimed and I did as he started to bust his load with heavy sexual groaning, he was pointing his cock towards my open mouth where I got a mouthful but it spurt up some hitting my lip and nose but a bunch landing on the side of my eye.
He continued jerking off leaking much more into my mouth and he forced a good last drop out with a slow strong grip which then dangled on the head of his cock before slowly dropping onto my lip. I swallowed and cleaned the jizz of my face somewhat.
He turned the water on in the shower and I stood up to be face to face with him. The water reigned down on us from the side as we looked at each other. "You're coming to my place and sucking my dick for the rest of the day and any other days I feel like keeping you for." He said calmly but with a manly fierceness to my face, I guess I'm just a cum dumpster slut now for him I thought to myself as I nodded to him in agreement.

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By up-for-it [Ignore] at 17,Jun,18 09:08
That was fun to read!

By Billy4995 [Ignore] at 17,Jan,18 13:36
I agree. thnx for sharing.

By mywusch [Ignore] at 12,Jan,18 11:59
wow, very hot story

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