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Training time 2

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By gooreceiver [Ignore] at 19,Sep,17 06:38   Pageviews: 73

I didn't even know this man's name nor he mine I was thinking as he led me to his jeep parked outside the gym, it was only moments ago he was throughly enjoying himself with me before we got dressed and left together.
We got into his vehicle and he started it up and put into drive and pulled out onto the street and we soon turned onto another street and eventually along that street arrived at his place, he broke the silence between us. "Listen, I won't take any shit from you so don't talk back ok? You refer to me as master if you need to speak."
I looked over at him "ok" I replied worriedly.
"ok...?"he said eluding to that I forgot what he just told me.
"ok... I mean yes, master."I said gazing at him kind of awe struck.
"good, now come along." and we got out and headed to the door which he quickly unlocked and than entered the premises with me behind.
"Get undressed and wait by that chair."he said pointing over to a green cushioned comfy looking chair.
"ye.. yes master."and I hurriedly stripped down as he walked to the kitchen and grabbed a drink before returning and placing the drink down on the end table beside the chair.
He grabbed me and pulled me close and kissed me and I kissed back trying to as passionately as I could to please him. He stopped shortly after and pulled off his shirt and pants and sat down in the chair.
"Get to work." he said taking a drink and picking up the tv remote.
I knelt to my knees and fondled his package playing with his balls with one hand the stroking his cock with the other till he was starting to get erect so then I started sucking his cock again this time jerking it as I did and once he was through looking for something to watch he placed the remote down and put his hand on the back of my head to keep my head down on his cock indefinitely where I then stopped jerking it and let him take control.
I sucked and sucked and sucked for what seemed like hours but I don't know how long but he started to breath heavier now and must of been getting close to cumming and he started to **** my head down deeper on his cock for the first time since I started this session of "work" on him.
He started spurting in my mouth a little and his grip on my head loosened so I quickly got my hand up and I pulled my mouth off his dick and breathed out as I did, jerking him hard and he spurted a load out that erupted down his shaft and my hand but spritzing on my face with the climax of it.
"o god that was good, clean it."he ordered and I started licking the cum off his shaft and my hand sucking the tip of his cock to finsih the job.
He peeled the glob of cum off my cheek with his finger and stuck it in my mouth "You're a real hoe bag, you know that, right."
"Yes master." I said looking up to his gaze.
"Now go into my bag and get the lube and wet yourself up in the bedroom, I will be there right away."he said raising to his feet pushing me out the way as he did.
I followed his command finding the bedroom at the end of the hall and than laying on my back on the bed and using my finger to apply some lube to my mangina where he then entered the room and took a pill "Viagra."he said, "man's real best friend! Now up!"he said patting the side of my ass and getting me to twist up to my knees and move over.
He laid on his back and grabbed me by the the side to position me to straddle him looking away from him. He lubbed up his cock and ppositined me correctly so he could shift his hips a bit and slide right into my ass where he gently and slowly lowered me onto penetrating me with his dick and he breathed out as he did telling me I was a good slut.
He was all the way deep inside me now and I first leaned forward and motioned up and down slowly then he told me to sit up straight and he grabbed the front of my hips and started to thrust himself.
He fucked me like that good, he was moaning with me now signaling he was really enjoying this position. He was so strong and had stretched my hole to a perfect fit on his dick which he took full advantage of and used me like a toy for who knows how long but he soon stopped thrusting deep all the way inside me buried deep where his dick rarely reached as he was harder then ever now and he breathed out heavy and came inside me, his cock throbbing like a vibrator in my ass as it spit a load into my inners and I let out a long femine moan along with his heavy gasps as he did unleash it into me.
He told me to get off and cuddle him so I did and played with my own cock as I rested my head on his shoulder and rubbed his chest, I could feel his essence oozing down my butt cheek from out of the hole after some time of laying on my side.
He nodded off to **** and I followed shortly after and we woke up late in the evening to the phone ringing and he got up and left to answer it.
I turned from my side to lay on my back, what was I doing? I didn't have to obey him or maybe I did, I don't know, I do enjoy it! I just don't feel trapped anymore like I did when he first started **** himself on me at the gym. I listened for him but couldn't hear him though there was the faint sound of him talking out in the kitchen
I heard a knock at the door shortly after the faint voice stopped and could hear him greeting somebody and he soon emerged into the room with a friend behind him. His friend was a large heavy set black man who laughed when he saw me and I rolled to face them "Service this man's cock. Now!"my master ordered and I crawled out of the bed onto my knees at this new man's lowers.
I opened his belt quickly and opened his jeans and pulled his underwear to reveal a big fat cock that sprang out at me which I immedidiately put in my mouth and he was quickly erect and I rested my hands on his thighs as I sucked hard on his cock. "ok, get on the bed, kneel like a dog you whore we're gonna spit roast you, you ungrateful slut."my master said to me.
I got to to the middle of the bed on my knees and elbows and watched as the other man finished undressing, my master got on his knees in front of me and started **** my head down on his cock and I happily sucked his dick only stopping briefly to tell him how good he tasted after fucking my ass so good.
The big man with the fat dick postioned behind me and guided his fatty cock into my used up hole and clnenched my cheeks as he fucked me raw and hard while I tried to moan but my master was busy deep throating me with a plummeting face fuck.
Master was really treating my throat like it deserved, using boths his hands on my head to do a good job when he pulled out of my mouth and started jerking off and ordered me to suck the big man's dick.
The big man pulled out and I turned quickly and started blowing him from the doggy position I was still in and the big man grabbed my head and gasped as he came a huge load into my mouth and the back of my throat and than he laid back to rest as my master then penetrated me again from the rear and thrusted heavily into me I laid my head down while he did all the work untill he ordered me to suck his dick and swallow his load too just as I did on the big man, but my master was master and pressed his cock in and spritzed his load into me while I deep throated his cock.
"ok slut that is enough for now, but be here in the morning to service me or I will have 3 others to **** themselves on you next time."my master said dismissing me.
"yes master."I said and was already pondering the punishment since I felt like a trained sex toy now.
I was broken to the point that if my master punishes me it is because I deserved it and would gladly accept it.
I got dressed and left hoping he would punish me even if I did come tomorrow which I definitely was since I figured out while getting jammed good in both ends was that I was scared before this because this was exactly what I always wanted and I didn't know how to embrace it till now and now I was afraid master would get bored with me so I will just demand the punishment after he has his way with me tomorrow because I needed the punishment because he loves me and I am underserving of it. He trained me to be this and I didn't even thank you, I definitely deserve the punishment maybe more I thought as I walked past a sex store seeing whips and cuffs.

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By mywusch [Ignore] at 12,Jan,18 12:08
wow, lucky gay

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