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By venom [Ignore] at 19,Sep,17 11:11   Pageviews: 60

I often wonder how many people feel the same way as I do...
I have never ever considered myself 'gay', and I can say that with certainty because the muscles, facial hair, body hair, and rugged facial features of a man are in no way attractive to me.
However, I am not afraid of a dick. Meaning, a beautiful shemale can still get me excited. If I can look at a gorgeous face, a soft hairless body, nice breasts, and long hair...then yes, I'm going to be turned on. The same thing as when I look at a sexy lady with a strapon, it's very erotic. I'll admit that I enjoy ass play, both with a woman and by myself. I will never turn down a nice pegging session, I've played with my toys on cam before, and also worn a butt plug in public as I go shopping and no one knows.
I am very visual, so pics and movies always turn me on, but I have spent hours in a hot erotic chat as well. What I build up in my mind can be the hottest things I've encountered sometimes. You can find me at the local adult bookstore watching the porn in the theater, hoping I'm there when something happens, or going to the private booths to watch all the TS channels. Then, I always walk around the store thinking I'm going to be the next story featured in a Penthouse Forum because an entire bachelorette party walked in to shop and swept me away, lol.
Maybe I'm just rambling, but I was thinking that there had to be women that find it hot if a guy can admit he wants to be pegged, or a TS liked my pics and wanted to strike up a conversation, or just to know that there are guys that can relate to the fact that this is normal, and there are more of us out there then you would think.
Let me know...

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By Ingot [Ignore] at 06,Oct,17 08:45
Hi Venom....I totally understand your plight.
You mentioned Penthouse magazine. I guess I have Penthouse to either credit or blame for turning my bisexual LOL. I only started looking at hot men (like you) in the pages when hot women posed with sexy men. I found myself ogling the men also.

In my gallery that you have checked (thanks). I'm the masculine male. And now I have Craigslist to thank for allowing me to find both shemales and masculine cross dressers who have the urged to be dominated.

Interestingly, I"m dating a genetic female. She loves strap on play. And ironically I sooo do NOT like being pegged. But we do it because it's something she likes. I'll admit the humiliation factor however does arouse me. The erotic part of all this is she actually fucks me enough to where she enjoys a screaming orgasm when she knows she has me right where she wants me. She grits her teeth and screams "Take it you faggot! Take it like a man!"

She moans.
I grunt.

She finally finishes. Panting heavily.
I feel her warm humid tits with erect nipples on my back.
By venom [Ignore] at 17,Oct,17 06:55
Thanks for your post. I really like hearing about your experience-especially the way you ended it with the nipples on your back As for me, I love pegging. I even bought myself a plug to wear out in public in ****.
I'm glad you like my profile. I've recently been in a car accident, so my flash drive got destroyed and I lost all my pics! So, I need to start over... Always look for artistic ways to post-any ideas?

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