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Blog entry #45 - I apologize..

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By veryshyguy [Ignore] at 19,Sep,17 16:30   Pageviews: 102

I have made what could be perceived as insensitive comments. I have called some folks "internet trolls". I should have used that label. When I do say such things I am making them appear to be less than human (a troll is not human). What I should have said is I do not like their comments or their behavior in how these individuals treat others or say something about them.

What I should be saying is I do not like what these individuals may be saying about others and should be critical of their behavior.

This preserves their humanity but criticizes their behavior.

Putting a label on a person is not a good thing to do.

Just my opinion.

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By twowarmtts [Ignore] at 18,Jan,18 11:00
I think you are being too hard on yourself. I admire the fact you don't want to sink to their level. Many of these people don't respect the fact that the other person is a human being too. I have a very short fuse and I, sometimes, go too far. For whatever it's worth, I would have been proud to call you and your wife a friend.
By veryshyguy [Ignore] at 18,Jan,18 18:19

By licksipsuckit [Ignore] at 20,Sep,17 03:46
l call them trolls because they don't behave like humans, l think the label fits them, l don't feel you should apologise for these wretched people, they make their beds and they behave like arses, they hypocrite themselves, they make fake accounts to 'troll' others and don't contribute to the site or the net in a good way, l bet 90% of them would never say what the say to others to their faces, but use the net as a place to act like dicks to others... if they said the stuff they say online in real life, they'd get laid out on the street... no apologised too... when they behave like they have no consequences to their actions they only make themselves out to be the dregs of the earth... humanity???, there is no need to hide behind a keyboard and abuse anyone, l know when l go out, if anyone says shit like they say here, people would look at them and think theyre on drugs or lunatics, that need locking up...
that's my opinion and you shouldn't apologise for their bad behaviour just because they don't have a decent bone in their body *lix*
By veryshyguy [Ignore] at 20,Sep,17 16:42
I respect your opinion on this, but what I posted is only for my actions. I do not criticize what others want to do. That is their personal reaction. I am only referring to what I will do from now and into the future.

This past in election in my country (US) has brought out a lot of hatred and derision. (It has been there in the past but now it is getting worse). I do not want to be a part of nor contribute to those types of actions.

I am not a political person but in light of what is happening here in the US, I no longer can condone such things, especially in myself.

Do as you feel you must, but I am only offering an alternative for others to think about.

P.S. I know what it is like to be hated and called names, personally and from the experiences my 2nd wife had to endure. (She was part native American).
By licksipsuckit [Ignore] at 23,Sep,17 22:57
yeah l don't live in America so l don't know first hand what is happening there and what things are being said, l do hear on our news how your new president makes tweets and does this before he thinks of the consequences, and maybe he does know what his thoughts will cause to the people of his country.. l respect your thoughts and opinions too ShyGuy, l understand where youre coming from with them, and l am very sorry you've endured this bad behaviour from your wife.. she had no need to do this to you, some people just have a bad attitude and it shows in everything they say and do.. you cant be held responsible for others actions, just your own in these circumstances... l just feel that trolling others to be horrible to them is stuff that 10 year old k!ds do and should be taught better in life, but when grown adults behave this way and know much better than ch!ldren, they should behave better.. l have never known you to be insensitive to anyone here, youre one of the nicest blokes here, you have a lovely nature and l just feel its not something you need to apologise about, you have your opinions and they usually don't affect others in an averse way.. l wish you all the best in life and l hope the world treats you well from now on *lix*
By veryshyguy [Ignore] at 24,Sep,17 12:24
By twowarmtts [Ignore] at 18,Jan,18 10:55

By bella! [Ignore] at 19,Sep,17 21:27
You are really a very sensitive man.
By veryshyguy [Ignore] at 20,Sep,17 16:42
I try my best, sometimes I fail...
By bella! [Ignore] at 20,Sep,17 18:44
Just my opinion, you hold yourself to a higher standard. You might think that you "fail" but I think you might be mistaken.

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