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My first masterbation.

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By MrBone [Ignore] at 21,Sep,17 23:56   Pageviews: 182

I love masterbation! There I said it. I was thinking about the first time I jacked off. I remember that I was 13 or 14. On night I got a raging boner as all teen guys get. Wouldn't relax for anything. After being hard for what seemed like hours, I noticed I was dripping pre-cum that I thought was pee. Being young didn't know any better. Didn't have a older **** or friend to explain and show me how things worked. I began touching my cock and stroking it. It felt so good! I went into my bathroom as I had a bedroom in the basement of our house. The more I stroked the better it felt. I kept getting this feeling deep inside and the pleasure was intense. After stroking a bit more I had the most powerful throbbing sensation and came really hard. I couldn't believe how much squirted out of me! It was the greatest feeling I had ever experienced. From the first time till now I think it the the greatest thing in the world.

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By avgdick69 [Ignore] at 29,Jan,18 19:07
I remember my first time so hot and afraid at the same time

By dura2000 [Ignore] at 19,Nov,17 17:39
I love a good wank, I often have one at the nude beach I go to, it is the best feeling. Iím that old I canít remember the first time I had one.

By #544488 [Ignore] at 07,Nov,17 15:03
Hi - great story of a hot memory.
Thanks for sharing - I am going to go do the same right now.

By #534396 [Ignore] at 25,Oct,17 18:11
Walked in on my bro and friend jerking off and joined, fully nude both boys touched my cock making it hard for the first time ever, they showed me how to stroke my erect cock not giving me much opportunity to practice. I was made to rub my Bros cock while they took turns stroking mine eventually making me cum

By 3fdfd [Ignore] at 19,Oct,17 20:02
Only some months later did I discover my hand ! Easier on the dick than rubbing it against the mattress.

By 3fdfd [Ignore] at 19,Oct,17 20:01
Like you I was late getting into the jerking off habit ... not until I was 14. Got hard in bed one evening. I pushed it against the mattress ... "hey that feels good" ... a bunch more times ... "my dick is starting to hurt" ... when it has stiff, as large as it ever got, hurting like hell ... and BLAST ! I've been hooked ever since.

By zipper [Ignore] at 25,Sep,17 08:29
Nothing like the first time. I remember my first wet orgasm like it was yesterday. A friend was playing with and sucking my dick, we were 11 almost 12. A thin pale liquid started dribbling out and the feeling was explosive!

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