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Insults hmm or not.

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By Jailbait [Ignore] at 22,Sep,17 04:58   Pageviews: 261

Wow I'm been called a Old Queen.
I have to ask, is that insulting. Because, I'm old.
Not too sure about the Queen bit. But Old and Royalty sounds fine to me.
But I'm assuming it is, err being called Old and Royal, as I unfriended him. But Jez, if someone no longer looks at my page or is not talking to me. Why keep him as friend. If you, and that everybody and anybody, you don't check my page or talk. How, seriously is that being a friend.
Maybe I have violated some unknown rule.

Anyway, thanks Dude. Yes I'm old, not to sure about the Queen bit, but thanks anyway.

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By licksipsuckit [Ignore] at 22,Sep,17 19:59
lol, if that's the worst you've been called, youre doing ok Jailbait.. and no you don't have to keep people on your list you don't want, theres no rules, l think everyone has their own rules for what they class as a 'violation' to them.. we all cant keep up with everyone, and if people aren't adding great shots, l don't get to their pages often, l do try to get to the recent uploads daily, and some here haven't added pics for years, so l guess l don't get to their pages.. with the limits, its ok to let others in or take some out to make room for the new.. its your page.. and have a super sexy day your highness lol, *lix*
By Jailbait [Ignore] at 22,Sep,17 20:26
Always nice to hear from you, young lady.
Wow, not sure I want to know what you have been called then.
Thanks for taking time to reply to my post. I know are a busy young lady.
Hmm I like the sound of that, Jailbait Your Highness.
Need to get a Crown or Sceptre, maybe a Ermine Robe
Probably won't mention the "old" bit, but.
By licksipsuckit [Ignore] at 23,Sep,17 06:01
you could use all the spare pubic hair as a robe, save killing innocent ermines, and save all the pussy and scrotum pubes that would other wise be washed down the drain..and all these words are mine, they just fall out of my head, ld rather be authentic and myself *lix*
By Jailbait [Ignore] at 23,Sep,17 06:50
Well that would be a robe and a half, the Imperial pubic robe. Hmm maybe made from, the sexy individuals of my country. Red ones would of course get payed, blonde, hmm not so much. Black, hmm, would have to be a lottery to get into my imperial robe. bloody how itchy would it be.
By Jailbait [Ignore] at 23,Sep,17 07:00
You know that could be a good title for a book, The Imperial Pubic Robe. Lower case, the making of.
No, I'm not completely insane. Just mostly.
By licksipsuckit [Ignore] at 23,Sep,17 23:04
l met a dude while travelling who made his own van on the back of his ute and on the back was a picture with a bloke painted quite crudely and l noticed he'd stuck hair on the head of it, when l asked him about the painting, if he'd done it, he did and used his own pubic hair on it lol, was pretty funny, l took some pics of his van as it was a unique vehicle and so was he *lix*
By Jailbait [Ignore] at 23,Sep,17 23:11
Lol, And I bet he just enjoyed shocking people With That Story.
Probably had to keep topping it up all the time, too.
Australia has real characters in it.
By licksipsuckit [Ignore] at 24,Sep,17 04:11
yeah, you meet a lot while you travel, even a few of the international travellers have some good stories and vehicles, lve been trying to talk aussieman into doing some travelling, take life on the road for a few years and work off your wits, doing some festivals and finding some skills that are artistic and usable, well mostly saleable to make money while travelling .. *lix*
By fredharry [Ignore] at 11,Dec,17 05:06
By Jailbait [Ignore] at 11,Dec,17 13:51
Err what?
By fredharry [Ignore] at 13,Dec,17 05:34
Laugh My Little Fucking Arse Off
By Jailbait [Ignore] at 14,Dec,17 00:19
I like it, but it just does roll of the tongue. lmlfao.
Like SFA, it rolls straight out. Sweet Fuck All.

By LittleSissieDicklette [Ignore] at 30,Sep,17 20:08
Old is relative "queen" maybe. I'll be the queen if you be the Stud
By Jailbait [Ignore] at 30,Sep,17 20:21
Hmm, Old Stud. Lol sounds like a horse, oops stallion.
And how bout, just two old farts having a lot of sexy fun.
Leave the name calling to those who need it.
Tried to change my name to HRH Jailbait. For some reason I can not change it.
And thanks for your comment.

By bella! [Ignore] at 22,Sep,17 15:16
Oh, yeah, you were insulted. Here's the most common definition of an Old Queen;

"old queen"  

(Adult / Slang)

Derogatory gay nickname for an aging, middle-aged or elderly homosexual, especially if effeminate, dainty and gossipy.
By Jailbait [Ignore] at 22,Sep,17 20:15
Well I'm old, can't change that.
no one would ever call me Dainty.
effeminate, no definitely not me, not by a long shot.
And not into gossip
Guess it must have been a typo.
By bella! [Ignore] at 23,Sep,17 00:08
Well, you seemed to be unsure of whether or not you were insulted so I merely provided you with the internet definition of "old queen". I did not paraphrase anything, the words were copied from the internet and pasted here.

You are welcome.
By Jailbait [Ignore] at 23,Sep,17 04:38
By Jailbait [Ignore] at 23,Sep,17 09:28
Jez really, or where you making sure I knew I had been insulted. Because that is what it looks like.
Do you really have no positive posts.
By bella! [Ignore] at 23,Sep,17 12:58
I was not aware that you were in the habit of making rhetorical posts. Apparently, you are a member that does not welcome or appreciate diversity and prefers to interact with members that you feel are just like you and agree with you.
By Jailbait [Ignore] at 23,Sep,17 20:33
You should take your own advice.
By bella! [Ignore] at 24,Sep,17 01:36
No need to be rude as I have not been rude to you.
By Jailbait [Ignore] at 24,Sep,17 01:37
How am I being rude.

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