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A picnic with Mila

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By ScottsCock [Ignore] at 23,Sep,17 21:57   Pageviews: 173

“Hi Mila want to go on a little adventure today? Maybe pack a basket … “
“Could you pack some wine for us?”
“Of course, and a few surprises. Pick you up tonight, I know this great place.”
“Is it isolated?” Mila asked with hope.
“It’s off the beaten path … you’ll love it!!”
The drive was quiet, just the radio and the occasional small talk. Mila didn’t really need to say anything though. The evening had been light so far and I was going to enjoy every moment with the seductive beauty. Her eyes already smoldering with a passion that betrays her calm demeanor. She was excited about the trip, but then again it’s all about the journey.
We pull off the road at a wide spot that has an old service road, the pavement ends and our adventure begins. About a hundred yards the road ends where the road is blocked. I get out and open Mila’s door. “No wait” I say just as her glamorous legs swing around. Looking at me with a hint of anticipation she knows that the roles have changed … I’m in charge now. Period.
“You’ll be taking your clothes off now” was all I needed to say.
No reply, only obedience … good girl.
Her short black does little to hide the sexiest legs I have even known as she exits the sedan. Her thigh high stockings giving her that extra edge of seduction. How a woman can make even getting out of a car look sexy is beyond me, but I’m sure glad she does. She removes her skirt facing away from me, as she knows I like to watch her ass …. so very shapely and sexy. Her hands move painfully slow as she removes her mini skirt to expose her bare ass to me and the world. She turn and doesn’t say a word as she begins to unbutton her blouse … one button at a time, finally exposing her breasts spilling out of her push up bra then releasing them to the warm night air. This gorgeous woman is now silent, obedient and very naked before me.
Mila walks ahead of me down the grassy path leading into the lightly wooded area, walking is really the wrong word for what this woman does … she glides effortlessly with a step that make her luscious tits sway, her ass dance and those show girl legs flex … a thing of beauty. The moonlight bobs in and out through the rich foliage causing her creamy skin to shimmer and glow. I know that she is already excited as am I. Mila’s voice was almost distant “I can hear some water, are we going to a river? It sounds so tranquil”. “We are going to stop near that river just a bit further” I replied. We round a curve in the path which then opens up to a clearing. A small grove of aspen dance in the breeze and an old boat house sits perched on the bank of the river. Near the aspens there are a few stumps. Laying down a blanket you wait for permission, you have learned your lessons from the past. As you descend gracefully to the forest floor to sit my eyes catch a hint of your unprotected sex, the way you move is enchanting … mesmerizing almost. A table cloth for our little tree stump and the setting is complete, only the wine and nibbles are left … and the rope.

There is some wine and nibbles left on our little table cloth stump. Mila is feeling so comfortable in her nakedness, almost as if she never wore clothes … but I notice. I have noticed every change in her body since we left the car. Mila’s flawless naked body in the moonlight is almost indescribable, her nipples have hardened from the breeze coming from the river … or are you excited? Yes, it’s time. I pour you the last of the wine along with a gentle kiss that radiates through your entire body. “Come with me” I uttered … “Can I bring my wine?” … “Yes, and nothing else. Don’t forget to remove your stockings”. The last of her shield from full exposure was removed as she delicately rolled first one first one then the other stocking down her long sensuous legs. “Okay” she said as this vision stood stark naked in front of me.
The clearing narrowed as we neared the old boat house, the timbers old but stable. The distinct aroma of old wood and the river permeated the air. “Are you nervous?” I asked, she barely raised her eyes ... “Trust me” was all the reassurance I would give her. There is little here, a workbench, some tools and parts … and a small slip for the boat. “Come aboard”, holding you as you step into the boat I feel a slight shiver … a chill, or just a wanting? I seize the opportunity to hold you, to feel the entire intoxicating effects of your body. “Have a seat there”, I have placed a blanket across the engine hatch … as you sit I move behind you. Your neck is so long and graceful as I snuggle in for a kiss, wrapping my arms around your waist … first behind your ear, then down you neck as my hand rises from your tight belly to your tits, kneading her firm tits and feeling her nipples harden even more. Pulling her back she lays down fully on the hatch, looking vulnerable and incredibly sexy. A full kiss on that perfect mouth as I raise your arms above your head, did you even notice that I had removed the rope from the basket? Rope that will keep you in my control ... Binding your arms was when I heard her first moan … she knew what was to be. Her legs had already began to part, but I needed them spread further.
I bound her arms to her ankles to further spread her legs … her pussy was inviting me... Pleading with me to begin. I stand back to admire your nakedness... I can hardly stand it, this has been building for a long time. Her eyes begin to dart around as I undress, rather quickly, to expose my fully erect cock. My interest is focused on her glistening pussy in the moonlight hardly noticing that I am stroking my cock.
Moving between your spread thighs I reach for your tits and kissing her nipple I can hear and feel that sharp intake, from my bite or my cock rubbing against your pussy. Smelling the intoxicating aroma of your excitement as I kiss my way down your firm body … as my face moves closer to your pussy, your tight perfect pussy, I place my hands on your knees, pushing I spread your legs to accommodate my head as I move toward my goal .. You feel my breath on your lips just before my tongue makes contact in a broad stroke from your taint across your outer lips to your clit... My whole mouth covers your pussy as my tongue probes... lips pulling upon lips, tugging, pulling open only to be able to plunge my tongue further inside you … You’re getting very vocal and it just motivates me further, my tongue is like a cock now that it is just thrusting and circling inside your pussy walls. My tongue departs and moves up only to be replaced by my finger. Just as the tip of my tongue touches your clit my finger is inside you, my tongue flicking, sucking, and swirling designs on your sensitive clit as that finger is probing up toward the top... looking for that soft spot near your G spot as my tongue continues its effort towards your first orgasm.
Your clit is hard and wanting as my fingers now moving more deliberately now, with a pace, a rhythm ... one to match my circling tongue … I love the taste of your pussy ... so good ... I could do this all night. You’re getting louder and I can feel you straining against your bonds as your body is wanting release. Increasing my rhythm and pressure against your G spot your pussy starts to spasm and get even wetter as you reach that precious first orgasm … sweet nectar.
Breath … let your racing heart settle for a minute. Rubbing my cock against your pussy as I stand is just a tease, a reminder that we a not finished for the evening and you’re not going anywhere. Walking around you, all tied up and pussy soaked, you look so sexy. I stroke my cock moving to your face, leaning in for a passionate kiss, my hand on your cheek. I stand and move closer placing my cock just inches from your face and you notice the precum that has formed … “open your mouth …. please” … your lips part, tongue extending a welcome into your mouth. The deep sound from me only seems to excite you more as your mouth takes hold of my cock, “Hold still” is the command I utter. Slow and deliberate movement put my cock further in your mouth, then with equal speed comes the withdraw … gyrating my hips as I fuck your mouth is incredible, with each outward bound stroke your tongue glides along my glans … God you’re good! Edging just a bit more in your mouth brings me close … to close.
Moving slowly back between your legs I admire how your sweaty skin glows. Spreading your knees apart I position myself between them my hard cock just touching your outer lips, moving my cock up and down your wanting pussy, spreading your juices along my big head and shaft … I move my hips and in one fluid motion I impale you with my cock, you gasp and whimper in one intake of breath … and the withdraw … you're so tight ... I push my cock back inside you, in only a few more thrusts, between your moans, I want more of you surrounding me. Moving your thighs up I can move even deeper in you ... making full length strokes every inch out then thrusting hard back my cock fills you.
Circling my hips with every thrust ... I feel all of you strain against your bonds once again as we fuck deeper and harder. My hands under your ass cradling you to lift higher so I can go deeper … there is only us as we fuck harder and faster … our sweat and love mingle as I fuck you faster.... the my orgasm is approaching and I need to withdraw.
Quickly I remove your bonds from your ankles and turn you over ... lying you face down, legs spread down across the hatch, I penetrate you from behind my powerful hand on your back to keep you down I fuck you hard and fast, my body slapping your ass as I continue fucking you. I'm losing a sense of reality as we fuck … your pussy gripping my cock yet expanding for my girth … I am close. You must sense my impending orgasm and your moans become louder and you are encouraging me … faster I slam hard into you as my balls lift and tighten ... my throat lets out a low rumble as I start to spasm ... thrusting harder and uncontrollably I cum deep inside your waiting pussy ... with each stream of cum my body spasms with hard erratic thrusts … one more hard thrust ... holding deep inside you pumping out the last of my seed … breathing hard I can feel our cum dripping down my balls ....

... shall our evening continue?

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By #482237 [Ignore] at 11,Jan,18 12:06
Wow,,very hot, chupete,,

By mywusch [Ignore] at 27,Oct,17 12:22
very hot story, whish i could be there with you

By #541037 [Ignore] at 27,Sep,17 05:19
I enjoyed this adventure a lot xxxx I hope it will continue but don't know what to expect...!

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