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MM's Sexertainment (Sex Entertainment)

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By RandyB69 [Ignore] at 24,Sep,17 09:58   Pageviews: 82

MM's Sexertainment (Sex Entertainment)

MM is a highly sexed female with a fantastic body and real dirty mind. She is a dirty slut and whore just made to be fucked and fucked all the time in her slutty fuck holes. She does sex performances at parties and on other occasions , and although retired still performs at times.

Here is a description of some of her sex routines - maybe some of the more erotic performances!

1. Beach Invitational

I was fortunately invited to attend MM's beach house along with some other men. We brought along refreshments and MM wanted to show us her new sex routine performance. After some introductions we sat down on the chairs provided in the room which had a curtain on one side.

Some sexy music was playing and it seemed that MM was behind the curtain. Then a beautifully shaped sexy leg slowly emerges showing her ankle and then upwards, until all her leg is seen and some fabric covering her cunt. However now and then fluttering away revealing the juicy slit !! This looks like a strip tease plus more !!

The sexy slut emerges naked except for a thong , some flimsy fabric over her cunt ass and nipples. She starts to dance showing off her sexy as fucking hell body, wiggling her ass right before our eyes , in fact at times her body touches us!!

We are dressed almost nude in underpants but our cocks are sticking out erect aroused indescribably hard and horny !! We have one hand free (the dirty sluts assistant has tied us up) and masturbate our cocks as the dirty slut dances around touching even rubbing her cunt ass and tits on our cocks and in our faces !!! What a dirty fucking fornicating hotter than hell slutty bitch !, teasing teasing us ... we want to gang **** her there and then as we struggle against the retaining bonds!!

Now she comes up to me , lifts the flimsy see thru fabric over her tits , and pushes her tits hard into my face ! "Suck my nipples baby !! SUCK SUCK SUCK !! Squeeze , pinch twist and pull them, they are sooooo hard !!" She says and I immediately do this with great pleasure and my cock unbelievably gets even bigger and harder!! The sexy bitch does the same to the other men !!

Next, comes the ass part !! She comes up to me and with ass cheeks spread wide wide apart and shoves her ass hard into my face !! "FUCK MY ASS !!! FUCK MY ASS !!! FUCK FUCK FUCK MY ASS !!! " the filthy slut calls out !!! Rolls her asshole all around my face then pushes it real hard on my mouth and I stick my tongue in as far as I can , rimming around and fucking in and out !!! I didn't think my cock could possibly get any harder and bigger , but it does and it feels like exploding like an erupting volcano there and then !!! The dirty slut repeats the filthy act with the other men !!

Then comes the cunt part !!! She lies on the floor cunt pointing right at us as close as possible for us to see !! She opens her cunt right up as far as she can!! A real gaping cunt which we see is already dripping wet. Her assistant gives us little eye glasses so we can see it magnified !! Then she starts masturbating , rubbing and rolling her finger around her clit and fingering into her juicy pussy eventually all her fingers inside fucking FUCKING FUCKING !!! Has the dirty bitch cum ? This surely is the dirtiest sexiest filthiest bitchy teasing fucking slut of sluts !!!! ? But wait ! There's more ! The filthy bitch comes up to me and rubs her cunt hard into my face !!! Fucks and grinds her slutty cum soaked cunt harder than hell into and all over my face !!! "FUCK MY CUNT !!! FUCK MY CUNT !!! FUCK FUCK FUCK MY DIRTY SLUTTY FILTHY CUNT !!!" she cries out !!! I stick my tongue in as far as I can and savour and drink as much ad I can , One arm tied behind my back , the other behind her pulling her hard into me !!! My cock is going unbearably berserk !!!! The filthy slut of sluts repeats with the other men !!

I work my bonds free and race and grab the filthy slut and throw her onto the mattress on the floor pinning her down! My cock rams like a mind of its own into her cunt !! FUCK FUCK FUCK FUUUUUUCCCKKK FUUUUUUCCCKKK FUUUUUUCCCKKK FUUUUUUCCCKKK FUUUUUUCCCKKK !!! I fuck the filthy teasing fucking bitchy slut of sluts like she has never been fucked before !! Fucking her harder than hell !! Fucking her so hard fucking her senseless, fucking her brains out fucking FUCKING FUCKING FUCKING soooooo fucking hard !!! Fucking her soooooo hard she thinks her cunt and ass are being fucked right off her slutty body and her dirty filthy mind is being fucked beyond Kingdom CUUUUUMMMMM !!!

My cock explodes like an erupting volcano blowing its top right off !!! CUUUUUMMMMM CUUUUUMMMMM CUUUUUMMMMM cum overflowing from her cunt as the other men break free !!! The filthy slut is going to be gang raped , banged hard as hell by all the big horny cocks, no doubt to be covered completely in hot cum , cum in her fuck holes, on her big tits , face mouth , down throat , a real cum bath for the filthy teasing slut !!! I put my cock in her mouth so she sucks the remaining cum from my cock and balls !!

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By licksipsuckit [Ignore] at 24,Sep,17 19:08
sounds like a great show Randy, and lucky to have a front row seat at that show by the sound of it *lix*
By RandyB69 [Ignore] at 25,Sep,17 16:28
Thank you for your comment Lix !! Still working on it , rather hard to write while masturbating fucking all u sexy hot females here !!

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