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By Uncutswallower [Ignore] at 01,Oct,17 12:09   Pageviews: 69

So recently I've been fantasising a lot about the gym. My fantasy starts during a work out, seeing this one guy from across the room. He's not a muscle god but he looks after himself. I check him out as he works out but he doesn't even notice me.

After I've finished my work out I head to the showers. I hope in and start to soap down. I turn around to find mr sexy in the shower as well. I can't help but keep checking out his nice ass, as he showers I notices me looking and I quickly look away. I continue my shower trying not to look at him when all of a sudden I hear a slight cough. I look and find mr sexy facing me with a rock hard cock!! He looks at me and looks directly at my growing cock, he nods his head as if to say get over here. I walk over and with out any words he grabs my cock and starts to wank it. I follow his example and grab his throbbing cock. He's a good size and uncut, we say nothing just use our hands to pump each other's cocks. I feel my nuts starting to rise and he knows I'm going to cum, he pulls me close to him and I start to squirt my load all over his cock, I keep wanking him using my cum as lube. I see his body tending and his cock is so hard in my hands, he starts to grunt as his cock erupts, cum spraying all over me. I milk his cock getting every drop.

We then go back to showering again not saying a word. We finish up and go our separate ways, both with empty balls.

I wish this would actually happen!! The amount of times I've wanked thinking about it

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By avgdick69 [Ignore] at 04,Nov,17 17:29

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