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About Chat

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By abbie [Ignore] at 01,Oct,17 17:01   Pageviews: 378

I don't mind chatting, in fact it is part of the fun of being on this site. I cannot chat for hours and hours with one person as I only have a limited amount of time to spend here. Also on occasion, I may swap pictures, but for the most part, prefer to post my pics here.

One think I do mind is having what I consider degrading terms used for a woman's vagina. Pussy, cunt, vagina etc. are fine but if you send me a message and refer to my vagina as my fuck hole, honey box, cum dump or any terms like that, DON'T expect me to answer your message.

Also if you use language like "baby I want to fuck the shit out of you" you will be ignored.

Otherwise I am pretty open minded and don't mind talking about sexual things.

One more thing, Don't ask me questions like what are the exact measurements of your tits, how far is it from your clitoris to your asshole....I mean come on really?

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By StephanXXX [Ignore] at 12,Nov,17 07:40
Let's have fun in sexy chats and behave like Ladies & Gentlemen

By Sexercise [Ignore] at 11,Nov,17 21:07
I like Yoni

By PoloFields [Ignore] at 10,Nov,17 13:41
Well said. This is what this page should be about. Having fun, but showing respect for each other.

By XXXKing808XXX [Ignore] at 08,Nov,17 20:53
Good to know, thanks for the warning dear

By Poodle2noodle [Ignore] at 06,Nov,17 19:24
That is a spot on comment !

By 1234567cock [Ignore] at 25,Oct,17 20:35
I think "honey box" is kinda nice
By brian [Ignore] at 05,Nov,17 13:09
I like honey hole myself😀

By Iminyou4ever69 [Ignore] at 31,Oct,17 08:08
Lost for words

By ScottsCock [Ignore] at 11,Oct,17 13:43
Wonderful honesty and expectations... and as it should be!

By AAA-Dick [Ignore] at 07,Oct,17 19:54
I'm not inclined to talk that way, even if the woman liked it. Those people just haven't got a clue how to talk sweetly to a woman.

By MrBone [Ignore] at 06,Oct,17 17:46

By 655Hard [Ignore] at 03,Oct,17 23:17
Your pics are beautiful and I enjoy looking at sexy pics and chatting with friendly people. I will always respect your wishes and I would love to be friends!

By CreativeOne [Ignore] at 02,Oct,17 22:02
Feel free to look me up anytime. I'm a safe friend and enjoy chatting . Very nice pics you have here and welcome to the Fun here . Be prewarned though ... This site is very addictive , but in a really good way

By chubbyloves [Ignore] at 02,Oct,17 21:43
you have a very nice soft looking body, thanks for posting pictures

By bella! [Ignore] at 02,Oct,17 08:03
Thank you, I could not have expressed myself better! And I thought that I was the only member who felt that way!

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