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By chubbyloves [Ignore] at 02,Oct,17 22:37   Pageviews: 101

For many years now I have had a **** fetish. I love to film my wife on the DL. Nothing turns me on more than watching her work out with her vibrator(s) I will never tell her because she will look for the cameras and shut them down. Her tried and true is a hand held with a small nub on the end. Multi speed, L shaped, and a 7 inch bullet vibe. She has tried others but always come back to this combination.

She starts with some lube using the hand held rubbing the nub on her clit after and then she uses the bullet. She rubs it up and down her crack and then she slides it in about half way, all the time rubbing her clit with the other one. She then slides the bullet in all the way in. She lets it come out just enough to pull it out half way and shove it in again. She fucks this like there is no tomorrow. As the tempo increases I can see her spasm. She cums so hard and then goes limp. She will lay there for a while with both vibrators humming away. The she inspects the end of the hand held and some times gives it a lick. The she pulls out the bullet and looks it over a some times licks it. By this time I have to go jerk off. And yes I have tasted my own cum.

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By JimmyFunBoy [Ignore] at 21,Aug,18 13:09
3 -somes are nice in that you get to watch the other 2 enjoying a 2-some and they get to watch you enjoying a 2-some.

By knewbi [Ignore] at 27,Nov,17 17:56
I know what ya mean I love watching my ladysexually. I had the good fortune to have a wife that loved being a swinger so I got to watch her with other men, groups of men and women too. THAT was so hot. Unfortunately I never tried any bisexual activities with her there. I still get off on thinking about those times.

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