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Much older guy from Craigslist

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By Samman [Ignore] at 04,Oct,17 22:49   Pageviews: 94

Earlier today I posted an ad on Craigslist and within the hour I was talking to a guy who lives in my area. After we got to know each other he told his wife he was going to the store and came to my house instead . He parked next to my house and I got in the back seat of his suv. He was already undoing his pants and immediately started to grab me and push my head into his lap.I stopped him and started to put my mouth on his cock through his white underwear. He had sent me a few pictures of his dick and in the pictures it looked guge, but it was probably not him in the pictures, because when I pulled out his dick and balls I saw that he was extremely hairy and extremely tiny,much much smaller than mine. I didn't mind so I started to kiss,lick, and suck his hairy nuts. I grabbed his cock as he took my shirt off and I put his soft little cock in my mouth. He took forever to get hard and when he did I gave him head for a while until I started to cum I stopped to catch my breath, but he stuffed his dick in my mouth and furiously stroked it. I slipped one of my cute little pink socks on his dick and felt him jizz a lot. He then proceed to grab my dick and spit on it and jack me off I was so nervous that I came in a couple seconds and slowly went limp in his hands. Now I the sock he soaked in his jizz and I'm tasting it before I put it on my dick and jerk off

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