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Blogs. a Grower, Appreciation of the Body

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By NiteRider [Ignore] at 05,Oct,17 00:07   Pageviews: 39

Good evening Ladies Gentlemen

I am unsure if Blogs' are often read & if this is an exercise in futility writing my thoughts here. Let me know, if nothing more than an exclamation point that someone does read Blogs. Thanks

Wow, so far I have viewed a number of impressive, erotic, tantalizing photos some causing a perpetual stream of Precum to drool. So many Beautiful, Erotic photos of the Ladies along with an impressive number of photos of the Men along with everything in-between and I have enjoyed the purview of All.

Posted a few myself & intend to post more soon. Does seem I may be in the minority as most cock photos posted even soft are large or a Shower. Me? I must be a Grower because totally Soft, I am very small both in length & circumference, although, I think I am average or may be a tad above average N both aspects when Hard. Other than self image, what does it matter as I have learned over the years that it is not how long It is, it is how long you make It that matters. Yeah, I know a big, thick Cock is visually impressive an I applaud those who are gifted with a "Big'Un", still, the Small Fry's of the Cock World are Erotic too just as I find Women with Small Tits very Erotic, a Small Puss, a Large Puss along with Huge Clits along with the Dainty almost non-existent small Clits, All I Find are Appealing, Erotic, Attractive. Cum One Cum All, I will Show you Mine if You will Show me Yours

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By nekekal [Ignore] at 05,Oct,17 16:07
I do read blogs. I am pretty much a shower. My cock never gets very small. And then gets bigger. Big cocks are overrated. According to the research, most women's cunts are 4 to 7 inches long. An average mans cock, less than 6 inches, fits perfectly in all but the shallowest of them. A cock over 7 hits bottom in all but the longest of them. I speak from experience. They generally don't like their cervix pounded.

Furthermore, the average cunt only has sensitive nerve endings in the first couple of inches. They really cannot feel anything beyond that. But most women enjoy their cunts being stretched wide a bit. So they like a fat cock that fucks them in the part that they can feel. They like tight just as much as guys do.

Average sized fat cock is what makes a cunt feel good.
By NiteRider [Ignore] at 06,Oct,17 02:48
nekekal , yes I agree with you puss & cock dimensions along with larger circumference cock is a plus versus length. Me @ 5" circumference possibly little above average as I think 4.5 " around is the average, although, would be nice if I were 6" around instead of 5" Still, I like what I was born with. Guess you could say that I am comfortable N my own body. Each of us are unique as I have never seen two cocks identical nor two pussies identical either, which, I find visually satisfying cause it would be dull if we were all alike. VARIETY is the spice of life. Appreciate the reply, don't be a stranger. Cya

BTW chked ur page. Yep, Ur definitely a shower!
By nekekal [Ignore] at 06,Oct,17 18:40
My cock is almost 8 inches long and the head is over 6 inches around. Women like the diameter. It makes them very happy to get my cock head just into their cunt. Unfortunately, it doesn't make them happy when I slide it all the way in. Almost always I hit their cervix. I try to be gentle but as I am about to cum, I sometimes cannot control the depth.

The good news is that I have never fucked a cunt that was not tight. So everything has its advantages.
By NiteRider [Ignore] at 07,Oct,17 02:45
Nekekal, Yeah, an Xtra inch circumference is a substantial difference for most. I found vacuum pumping Slowly for a period of time does add girth from 5" to +- 6.5" girth temporarily. long enough for an evening of experimenting with your Huney. Mine found the additional girth uncomfortable more than stimulating, although, i am sure overtime had i continued to keep it the girth pumped it would have become very stimulating. Being as tight as she is, she has a very small Puss so I am sure my/her experience may not be the norm. as for the length @ 7" I can bump her cervix which to me is erotic as I do slow strokes, like the head of my cock kissing the tip of her cervix & she gets off on it also. Yeah, I am sure banging away with a flared head approaching orgasm on the cervix would be painful. at eight or inches guess you have to be gentle if you want more playtime Thanks for sharing your thoughts
By NiteRider [Ignore] at 27,Oct,17 07:53
spot on concerning girth an not length. guess im at or maybe a little above the average of girth supposedly four an half inches circumference at five inchs girth for the body of my cock. I have tried light pumping temporarily increasing girth markedly,although, my Lady was uncomfortable with the additional girth. Tiny tiny Pussy, good for me Huh thanks for the comments intelligent an accurate

By boggie [Ignore] at 05,Oct,17 10:56
By NiteRider [Ignore] at 06,Oct,17 02:51
thanks for the acknowledgment boggie.

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