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Sucking dick fantasy

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By hairyballs [Ignore] at 05,Oct,17 09:38   Pageviews: 103

I have a **** fantasy of sucking a other mans dick! May be wierd but oh well! Who else has this fantasy! Of course want my cock sucked too!

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By JackHammer [Ignore] at 16,Apr,18 07:01
I have had that fantasy for years. I finally made it a reality about a year ago. I like it. I would do it to you.

By LittleSissieDicklette [Ignore] at 08,Oct,17 03:38
I love the feel of my boyfriend's cock throbbing between my lips

By Billy4995 [Ignore] at 07,Oct,17 09:12
there are all kinds of ways to make ur fantasy real. this site (check out guys close to U), join a MN group or start one!; other sites like or CL(last resort IMHO). Keep us advised of how things work out with words and pics (if U R comfortable with that). Relax and enjoy!
By LittleSissieDicklette [Ignore] at 08,Oct,17 03:36
Good luck with your group. You might get more attention for it if you post a link to it in a blog about minnesota

By chubbyloves [Ignore] at 05,Oct,17 18:33
why let it be just a fantasy

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