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My wife's slutty adventures (I had no idea it felt that good)

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By Wannasuck1sobad [Ignore] at 05,Oct,17 11:42   Pageviews: 165

I had been out of town for quite some time, I really missed John but I couldn't wait to get my hands on Mark's big cock...(Mark is my supervisor for you new readers) when my flight landed I sent Mark a text and he replied "I'm taking half a day today if you want to meet" I thought okay John can wait a little longer lol. Mark messaged and said "I rented a room come see me" so instead of going straight home I went to see Mark. When Mark answered the door he was in a pair of loose gym shorts and he was already hard, seeing his hard cock in those shorts was such a turn on because his dick is so freaking big I was already soaked. I had full intentions on hopping in the shower really quick but Mark had other plans. He sat me down on the bed and stood in front of me and said "Do you want to suck my big dick?" I love how he controls me and I eagerly said "YES" he pulled it out for me...God it was so hard, the tip of it was glistening with precum. I gripped his cock and stroked it slowly, I leaned in and licked the juices on the tip of his huge cock and I felt the first stream of his hot cum shot on my face...I quickly put my mouth around it and he filled my mouth full,I had never seen a guy cum that much! Mark flopped down beside me and apologized for cumming so quick, I reassured him that it was fine. He laid me down on the bed and took off my shorts and panties. Mark started at my feet... sucking my toes and then started kissing up my thigh. He started sucking on my swollen pussy was soooo weti no longer just wanted his big dick I needed it! He kept teasing me with his tongue...I started rubbing his dick with my foot and I could feel his big dick getting hard again. Mark started licking my pussy faster and faster...I gripped the sheet and told him I was really close to getting off and Mark stopped licking me and climbed between my legs and pushed his big dick deep inside me,he didn't thrust in and out he just grinded back and forth with every inch of him inside me. Oh my God I cummed so fucking hard for him! He rolled me over and I got up on my hands and knees. I had creamed on his cock so much it slid in with ease...on my hands and knees I usually have to arch my back a little to take him in slowly but I took it all in, almost like I swallowed it because it was so wet. Mark went real slow and I was wanting it hard, he pulled my hair and said "Are you ready to feel my big dick in your ass?"...I was like OMG! I had never had a big one in my ass before, and I never was crazy about anal. I let John do it sometimes but to me it didn't feel great but John liked it so I did it. Mark pulled his cock out of my pussy and I felt it pressing against my ass. John is a whole lot smaller than Mark so he usually has no problem penetrating. I said "Do we have any lube?" Mark giggled and said yes. He opened the night stand drawer and got so lube. He said "Here lube it up for me" I started rubbing the oil all over his cock and it really dawned on me how big his dick really was and I was getting nervous. Mark bent me back over and got behind me, I felt the tip slip in and I was relaxing and felt more and it went deeper he started going in and out slowly, it already felt so different from John's cock, Mark is so much thicker that I wasn't sure if I could take anymore of it. Mark started going a little faster, I started relaxing more...the more I relaxed the better it felt. It started to feel really really good! A friend of mine once told me that if a guy has a big dick and knows how to use it right anal feels amazing. Well I was starting to believe her! I yelled out in pleasure and Mark asked if I wanted more, I moaned out "YES" Mark gave it all to me! I couldn't believe how good it felt. I reached down to rub myself and my pussy was so gaped open! I started squirting and Mark just kept fucking me in the ass. Mark's cock felt so good! I could feel Mark get off in my ass and I absolutely loved it!
So I get ready and go home and John is waiting, I told him what I had done, well needless to say I didn't even make it up the stairs and John had bent me over and pulled my shorts down he started fucking me from behind, said he loves how my pussy feels after I've had a big dick and know he wants to know how my ass feels. I could feel his dick like against me but when he put it inside me I honestly couldn't even tell if it was in, I felt him grab my hips and he started fucking me I turned back and said "Babe is it in?" He pulled it out and cummed in me. He said it was so hot when I asked if it was in. I couldn't wait to share this
Love Carrie

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By t-rex [Ignore] at 12,Oct,17 02:34
I love to hear your adventures, love how you describe your sucking and fucking 😘
By Wannasuck1sobad [Ignore] at 26,Oct,17 11:36
Thank you babe
By t-rex [Ignore] at 26,Oct,17 21:29

By #487206 [Ignore] at 25,Oct,17 08:58
Very sexy!
By Wannasuck1sobad [Ignore] at 26,Oct,17 11:36
Thank you

By Thick6 [Ignore] at 06,Oct,17 15:36
I came a huge load reading that one! Hope you arent gone as long next time, I look forward to reading your blogs!

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