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How to carry the male sex-device in the pants? Left-side? Right-side? Me: see !!

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By Lovolust6ty+ [Ignore] at 05,Oct,17 18:14   Pageviews: 66

That’s surely one of the most unimportant questions – nevertheless: i debate this topic here. / About 80% (of the male humans ;-) do carry left-sides their two sex-parts (penis and ballsack) ... simply just because outmost of the pants (above all: the “jeans”) are tailored this way. / But here too, several years ago, i found my own way: i SPREAD the two sex-parts by the pants-crotch; no matter if the penis is once on the left and the ballsack on the right side or vice-versa; as it just comes about – of course rarely with the heavy-metal rings. / Refer to my relevant pictures, if you please [with “Heavy-Metal”; much more soon] ...

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