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Tributes ...

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By ScottsCock [Ignore] at 05,Oct,17 19:03   Pageviews: 170

I've never had a woman do a tribute ... man either for that matter.

Back to the point, how would a woman tribute a mans pic?? Ideas?? Post one if you have been gifted one ...

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By mountainman2 [Ignore] at 29,Oct,18 16:04
Who cares, get creative, have fun and it will all be good

By kebmo [Ignore] at 28,Jun,18 19:57
In my 5+ years I've only had one tribute photo. MoeJoe did it.
By ScottsCock [Ignore] at 29,Jun,18 08:04
That's perfect!!

By ScottsCock [Ignore] at 25,Feb,18 09:49
A totally different type of tribute that can be given a man .... thank you AsianBabe, you're awesome!


By ScottsCock [Ignore] at 10,Feb,18 01:52
Here is a sexy tribute and a compliment all in one pic ....

What do you think?
By tinypeepee [Ignore] at 23,Feb,18 11:19
I really would love to sit on your gorgeous thick cock and enjoy a slow satisfying fuck

By #482237 [Ignore] at 11,Jan,18 12:03
i do tributes for my friends all the time,,
By ScottsCock [Ignore] at 11,Jan,18 12:14
So you do ... awesome idea, very sexy and flattering

By #482237 [Ignore] at 11,Jan,18 12:04

By Shugga101 [Ignore] at 20,Dec,17 12:14
I get bored an alter photos. We personally love tributes. A guy asked me to do one with Shugga (wife) for him. Thinking of posting with permission, but don't know if they are good enough. (I don't have PhotoShop or anything.

What do you think?


By licksipsuckit [Ignore] at 06,Oct,17 23:10
l don't do tributes to men for the simple reason, if you do one, then you have a hundred blokes all wanting one and mostly from blokes you've never spoken too.. its like a landslide effect. l do know of one woman here with a very unique way of making tributes, 2warmtts l think is her avatar name and she does some smashing ones for some of the blokes here.. she has a style all her own and seems very giving. yeah it would be harder for women to do tributes similar to men as we're not built the same and we come different but lm sure a screen shot with the woman looking at a dudes pics or page would suffice.. how would you like a woman to tribute you?? what would you like to see?? *lix*
By ScottsCock [Ignore] at 06,Oct,17 23:33
It really was a curiosity to me after being asked to do tributes and cock overs for women what would a woman do for me? .... a picture of my appendage between her legs, breasts, or mouth? A post it note on a favorite body part with a personalized lustful note ... a pic with her lover and a note saying ‘wish you were here’?
I guess it’s fair to ask why does a woman want a tribute at all? For me, it just means that you think me worthy of a personal expression of how I have turned you on.
Thanks for looking at my blog and fueling it!!

By bella! [Ignore] at 05,Oct,17 22:47
Ha! I was asked to tribute a SYD member but I can't even imagine what he thinks a SYC member can do. Hey, I think he might have to spooge on his own pics!
By ScottsCock [Ignore] at 05,Oct,17 23:18
L o l ... maybe instead of a cock over, a pussy over?

BTW ... thanks for checking out meh blog

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