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Sex without a Connection

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By NiteRider [Ignore] at 08,Oct,17 05:03   Pageviews: 50

I anticipate my views may be in the minority, then again, I may be surprised.

Hot & Horny or at least receptive to anything sexual most of us men are at a moment's notice.

For me engaging in sexual activity with someone, a stranger or pay for sexual pleasure has never happened in my life. I must have a connection with someone,Like, Care even Love someone to be intimate with a person. While, I admit it may be possible , may be, for someone to masturbate me to an orgasm assuming I was really horny, having a love making session of any kind with a physically attractive stranger would never happen. While I doubt there is anyone more Mind Wired Sexually than I, still, because I am a thinking being not just controlled by hormones, there must be more to Flip the Switch for Sex than a beautiful body to make it happen for me.

Yep, I am an enigma, a dirty old man, who lives an breathes for the pleasures associated with sex, yet, conservative if not draconian in my belief that I must know, like, have feelings for someone before I would contemplate a sexual interlude, actually, I know it is impossible for me to Do the Deed with someone I do not know, like, have feelings for because as a young man, I was once put in a position for a random encounter to happen to me and I refused if for no other reason even though a young attractive nude body was awaiting me, I was not physically,emotionally or mentally in the mood and as I said, this belief, need, precondition of having to know, have feelings for someone has never wavered, even now as an old man.
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By nekekal [Ignore] at 16,Oct,17 13:35
The only connection I need is for my cock to be in her. If she is willing I can fuck for hours. I don't even need to know her name and don't care if she charges by the hour, minute, or load of cum sucked out.
By NiteRider [Ignore] at 27,Oct,17 08:13
ha ha, A Hard Cock has no conscience me, havta to know someone before I swap fluids with them cause there arre things now that Ajax will not Remove. Oh I do agree a Friend with Benefits would be optimal. often I see or hear where someone is devastated when they discover their spouse is cheating on them. Most times it is due to getting no attention at home that the cheating begins an men are as bad a women concerning not being attentive. Then again many whether men or women as they age are no longer interested in Sex Fun so WHY become upset when your spouse plays with someone else if you are not interested, like a dog with a bone,,, you dont want it but dont want anyone else to haave it either. personally, if I were not interested, as long as it was just sex fun I could accept an otherwise faithful spouse enjoying sex even if I no longer enjoyed sex. To Me it is Selfish for anyone to deny their partner Sex just because they no longer enjoy sex. even men, who are impotent can pleasure their partner in many ways beyond a hard cock but do not because it is too much trouble to take the time. For those who enjoy a healthy sex life , those who do not enjoy sex can not understand the frustration of being denied, ignored concerning needing a some sexual attention is for those who do retain a sex drive an enjoy Sex more than many enjoy Food.

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