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French connection 2

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By over7_again [Ignore] at 13,Oct,17 12:39   Pageviews: 41

I had already had a great experience when on holiday in France, French connection 1.
There was an even hornier experience waiting for me a couple of days after this.

Chloe invited a friend round for a sleepover. Her name was Adelie. She was also 18, the same age as Chloe.

We met her before we all went out to play a round of crazy golf and then on for a meal.
She was blonde, about 5' 3", great legs and nice big boobs.
Every time I looked over at Adelie during the golf she gave me a lovely smile. I wondered if Chloe had mentioned the good time we'd had by the pool a few days earlier.

A few minutes into the crazy golf game gave me the answer!
At every opportunity Amelie went out of her way to show off her great body. She'd lean forwards towards me, revealing her ample breasts. Or she would bend over and reveal her shapely legs, on one occasion raising her dress slightly, revealing her tight, young ass.

My cock of course was very turned on by this and I struggled to keep it under control inside my shorts.
Chloe was also putting on a good show, revealing her great body at every opportunity. I'd already had the pleasure of her tight, young pussy and wanted it again.

We later returned to my friends home and everyone made thier way to bed.
I had to walk past Chloe's room to get to ours. As I walked past Chloes bedroom door was open and I could not believe my eyes as I glanced inside!
Amelie was laying at the end of Chloes bed, her legs wide open. She had white panties on. As I walked past she gave me a cheeky smile and patted her pussy!
I almost tripped over at that glorious sight!
I carried on to our room and planned my return to Chloe' room later that night.... I was going to have both of those tight French pussies.

I waited for my wife to fall asleep, her heavy breathing indicated she was in the land of nod. It was about 1.15 in the morning when I made my way to Chloe' room.

Her bedroom door was slightly ajar and there was a dim light coming from the room.
I just had my underpants on, my cock was rock hard and about 4" was peeking out over the top.
I slowly pushed the door open and peered inside.

I saw Chloe first, she was wearing black lacy knickers and no bra. Amolie was wearing the same white knickers I'd seen earlier and was also topless.
Both girls smiled when they saw me.... thank fuck for that I thought!
I made my way inside and pushed the door closed behind me.

Chloe whispered something to Amelie in French and they both giggled. Amelie was looking straight at my rock hard cock.
I slowly slid the front of my underpants down to my ball bag, revealing the full length of my hard cock. I then started to slowly wank my shaft as I looked at these sexy young women, I stared intently at Amolie.

Amelie made her way over to my cock first, on all fours, like a slinky cat. Her big boobs swaying as she moved.
I held my cock at the base and she brought her mouth around my cock head.
Slowly moving her mouth back and forward along my shaft.

Chloe then made her way over from the bed, she sat watching Amelie sucking my cock. She then slid her lacy panties off and started to rub her clit.

Amelie watched Chloe rubbing her clit as she sucked and licked my cock.
Amelie then sat back and removed her own panties.
Chloe then moved in and resumed cock sucking duties.
Amelie sat watching Chloe sucking my cock as she rubbed her pussy.

Amelie's pussy was also shaven, she didn't have butterfly pussy lips like Chloe, instead hers resembled the classic burger buns shape!

I needed to eat some pussy, so I lay down on my back and pulled Chloe towards me. She straddled my head and I gently pulled her down until her pussy was on my mouth.
I ran my tongue through her pussy, then flicked the tip over her clit.
I could feel Amelie sucking my cock, taking as much into her mouth as she could. She then started to suck on my balls, attempting to get them both into her mouth.

Chloe' pussy tasted so good, she was quietly moaning as I worked on her clit, occasionally sucking her clit out of its hiding place.
I noticed the cock sucking had stopped, I then felt a hand around my shaft and the fantastic feeling of a juicy pussy being lowered down onto it.
There was some hesitation, a bit of moaning, followed by that feeling of my cock being buried deep inside a willing pussy.

Amelie' pussy felt good, it was not as tight as Chloe' and I thought to myself "this girl's had more cock than Chloe".
Amelie rode my cock like a pro, she ground down onto it, I could feel my cock head rubbing on her cervix, as she moaned.

Chloe had been close to cumming a few times but stood up to find out what Amelie was up to. She said a few words to Amelie and Amelie just said "oui, oui" under her breath.

Amelie got up and made way for Chloe, who slowly lowered herself down onto my eager cock. She went down in reverse cowgirl. Just as before, this girls pussy was so tight. It took her several minutes to get loose enough to grind down on my cock.
I couldn't see what Amelie was doing but I could feel my balls being squeezed and I think she was rubbing Chloe' clit.
Chloe' cock riding was getting faster and her breathing heavier. I could feel her pussy getting ever tighter on my cock (if that were possible!). Amelie was whispering to her in French and she came on my cock, her hand over her mouth to keep her moaning down.

I could feel Chloe' orgasm choking my cock, she closed her legs when her orgasm was at its most intense.
She sat there for about 15 seconds before she got off and went to lay on the bed.
Amelie held my cock and started to lick Chloe' pussy juice off it. Her mouth and tongue felt great on my throbbing shaft.
I beckoned Chloe over and started to lick and suck on her juicy tits.

Amelie then lowered herself down onto my cock, this time cowgirl position.
She started to bounce up and down on my cock and her big tits were bouncing around... what a great sight.
As she slowed and started to grind down on me I pulled her forwards so I could suck on her nipples, gently biting them.
As she was lent forward this gave me the room I needed to fuck her.
I started to drive my cock deep inside her, making those big boobs bounce again.
Chloe held then and squeezed her nipples between her fingers as I pumped her pussy deep and hard.

I could see Amelie perspiring, tiny beads of sweat on her chest and a red sex rash.
Her moaning becoming louder and pussy starting to milk my cock as I fucked her.
I felt her pussy tighten and I held my cock deep up inside her as she came. I sucked her nipples as her orgasm subsided.

I needed to get up, as the floor was becoming uncomfortable.
Chloe was very slim, so I lifted her up, held her under the tops of her legs, she put her arms around my neck and I gently lowered her onto my waiting cock.
This time her pussy didn't seem as tight... my cock was starting to stretch her out a little!!

I lifted her up and down onto my cock, looking into her gorgeous blue eyes. This was ok for a while but I began to feel her weight. I lowered her onto the bed, cock still deep inside her.

I then held her ankles and opened her legs wide open.
This is one of my favorite positions and I do love to power pump pussies in this position.
I drove my cock into her, harder and faster. Her moans getting louder and the unmistakable feeling of a pussy starting to cum on my cock.
I pushed my cock in hard as she came, her eyes wide open, in surprise, as she came on my cock.

Amelie was laying on the bed, just watching, gently rubbing her pussy.

Chloe got off me and I turned my attention to Amelie.
I hadn't tasted her pussy yet and a break would be good for my cock/pussy pounding duties.

I slid my tongue inside Amelie' pussy and let the tip find her clit. I slid a couple of fingers inside her as I worked her clit with my tongue. Her moaning was getting louder and I decided it was time for some cock.

"Cock time", I said. She eagerly opened her legs wide for me. I held her ankles and slid my cock inside her.
She moaned as it slid deep inside her.
Again, I started to build speed and **** and within about 20 strokes she started to cum.

I don't know how I manged to go this long without shooting my load, but I was on the way.

Just as Amelie had cum my balls tightened and I was about to shoot my load.

I quickly withdrew my cock and it started to cum.
At first a spurt hit Amelie in the face. I got my hand on it and controlled the next spurts over Amelie' chest. I managed to spray a few jets over her big tits.
I usually have 8 or 9 jets and there was a lot of cum in this performance.

As I subsided Amelie took my cock in her mouth and sucked the last drops out of me. This is one thing I love about French women (and Italian , I've had a few over the years and they don't mind the taste of cum!

I sat back and surveyed my handy work! Warm cum was trickling down Amelie' chest, making it's way towards her pussy. She had a line of cum from her cheek into her hair.
Chloe lay there with her legs open and I must say, looking like a young woman who had been well and truly fucked.

Pleased with my handy work, I found my underpants and put them on, said "goodnight ladies" and promptly left the room.

The following morning at breakfast the girls came down and I asked how they were. "We are good thank you, very good".

I've already planned the next visit... November.

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