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**** sex

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By Jailbait [Ignore] at 14,Oct,17 06:11   Pageviews: 221

I have a serious question. With my name. I have had people contact me about **** sex. Still not sure why. I'm 53. But I have a one contact, who said that they liked sex with 12 or 13 years old.
So what should I do,?? It could be just someone on the piss or someone who is serious. As I was **** as a ****. I take this very fucking seriously. Any advice.

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By Jailbait [Ignore] at 14,Oct,17 06:14
Jez, moleste-d as a (Seriously) ki-d
By pifad [Ignore] at 26,Oct,17 09:42
I was raped at the age of ten, so I know where youíre coming from. I loathe ****philes!!
By Jailbait [Ignore] at 26,Oct,17 15:16
Damn Dude, I'm sorry to hear that. I was just a little older. And that stuff affects you for a very long time!!!
Thanks for sharing that. Took me a very long time, before I even told anyone.
By pifad [Ignore] at 26,Oct,17 16:50
I was 43 the first time I spoke about it. Now it is something that happened in my past and I didnít ask for it nor was it my fault. I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone and I think youíre a great guy and Friend.
By Jailbait [Ignore] at 26,Oct,17 22:32
Yea same here, it's just something that has happened, you just put it behind you.
Well, I was somewhat earlier then you, 28 or 29. And every time I talked about. The less of a problem it became for me.
And thanks for telling me, still something of taboo subject, I think.
And you a one hell of a nice guy and one sexy, mate.

By kebmo [Ignore] at 15,Oct,17 03:56
There is a method of changing your "name" here. Perhaps Jailbait is a name that would encourage such people to inquire about your sexual preferences.
By Jailbait [Ignore] at 15,Oct,17 05:57
Yea I know, but thanks anyways. But does not answer the question. What do I do about people who talk or show an interest in Underag-e sex.
Hopefully this will discourage, those people from contacting me.
Because if I could, I'd report them to the local police.
By kebmo [Ignore] at 15,Oct,17 15:15
On your page you'll find a "Search Members" button. You can search "Admin" and report this to him. He is the owner of the site. He will have the power to do something about this; either by warning the offending member not to do it or deleting his profile.

As for reporting it to the police, Admin has access to the member's e-mail address and perhaps other personal information that would aid the police.
By Jailbait [Ignore] at 15,Oct,17 18:14
Ok thanks, next time, that is what I will do.
Thanks for taking the time.

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