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Night out bj

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By cucky [Ignore] at 14,Oct,17 07:03   Pageviews: 94

Travelling back from a night out after a few too many Vodkas, I find I have missed the train so long wait ahead. I walk a bit from the station finding some of the nice dark places of the London night.

By the river so many alleys and stairwells, places to be out of sight, so when a guy in suit steps forwards he startles me briefly. But soon my eyes can't help notice the huge bulge in his trousers. Weirdly in my kind voice I say hello and he asks if I have a light I pass the lighter to him but at the same time we step into the darker corner. I am staring at his bulge so obviously that he taps it and asks if I wanna see.

Next thing I remember is being on my knees his cock in my hand, then kissing and sucking the head licking as he moaned. Then he guided me to sit on a small box my back to the wall, now the perfect height I took his cock deeper and deeper until I was choking and could hardly breath, I so wanted this I reached up holding his firm arse and after my gagging had lubed my throat I pulled my self deeper, my throat stretching and taking his cock.

Now he had seen I could take it he grabbed my wrists pinning them to the wall and proceeded to pound my mouth and throat, each time he pulled out I snatched a breath, scared of passing out, my brain now confused with fear and pleasure fighting to take it and not blackout. Then like magic my mind calm and happy I was enjoying his thrusting, his wonderful big cock using my face like a pussy. Then he started to cum pumping hard first down my throat filling my belly (vodka and cum), then pulling back my mouth soon full and it dribbling between my lips.

After licking him clean we had a fag together then I walked back to the station, all down my front was cum and dribble, I was one happy mess.

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