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By twowarmtts [Ignore] at 17,Oct,17 13:51   Pageviews: 58

My home love life is complicated. I will try to explain.This is not easy,,,if i was straight or lesbian it would be easy. I am BI and have a predilection that is split down the middle with men edging out women by very little. I have three men at home and a long time GF (19yrs) who does not live with me. I have one person that knows how to love me or make love to me that makes me feel like a queen.
Gerome is African American, very educated, and a romantic. He used to be 6Ē4Ē but at 56 heís lost some height. He weighs 280 lbs and heís a teddy bear. I was always partial to uniforms, athletes, and black lovers. Gerome was an athlete and of course, black and I fell in love with him even though at the time Charlie was still my husband lover. I talked with Charlie and he agreed I had to tell Gerome how i felt.Gerome liked and agreed to an arrangement and the rest was history,,,weíve been together 17 plus years. As i said, heís a teddy bear, his size makes him not worry about showing off. The first time he took me to bed he cooked dinner, Italian, and he knew his wines. As a matter of fact, he taught me about good wine as opposed to vinegar.
After dinner he put on some classical music, sat me in the couch with him and took 2 hrs talking and touching in such a way that i knew we were going to have sex but there was this smooth flow to the action were i didnít realize i was half nude and enjoying him bringing me to an excited state of being. He sensed the right time to pick me up and carry me to the bedroom and without saying a word, he finished undressing me. I was not inexperienced but he touched me in a way that almost was electrifying. He laid me on the bed and proceeded to undress. This is where a new lover usually gets akward, He did not. It was very smooth. He got in the bed and kissed me at the same time his hand started exploring my body. I thought he would go for my pussy but he didnít. He started with my hair and played with my ears,Caressed my face and nuzzled my neck.
I was literally wetting the bed and started to make little noises. Little by little his hand continued to the magic spot and slowly,,,very gently,,he started to rub me while he looked in my eyes,,,he did not utter a word. Just looked at me,,,i could not look away. I felt for him and was amazed at his size. I got scared for the first time in my life and i must have gasped. He gently got on top of me and very, very gently he started to rub his glans on my pussy. I opened up,,i donít know how or why,,i just did and he ever so slowly pushed in and out and in and out, it seemed like it took hours for him to be inside of me fully. All the time his chest was over mine but not on me,,his hands were behind my back by my waist and his big hands kept me off the bed. He would lick my nipples,,,play with them and I was somewhere floating,,,all i could feel was the warmth of his body and the the mingling of our breaths. He stopped occasionally and looked at my eyes..later i figured out he was at the edge but wanted me to be there too and he knew I had cum several times. Finally he closed his eyes,,,pressed me to him with his huge strength and he had the biggest storm Iíve ever seen on a man. He was and is the best lover Iíve ever had. After that first time we went on to other ways and more daring things,,,I love anal,,,with Gerome it took me six months to get used to him,,,he was very gentle and very concerned,,I think I wanted it much more than him,,,the same with oral.

He and Charlie became good friends and when I started seeing Mike, they both were concerned for my safety and happiness. Gerome was the first one to accept him and convinced Charlie to let Mike come to live with us. Geromeís cock is huge but it was his gentle way with me that made me so in love of him and his love making.

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By WristThick [Ignore] at 08,Nov,17 19:39
I would love to see how I compare to Gerome and Mike

By nekekal [Ignore] at 18,Oct,17 12:45
Congratulations. He sounds like a terrific lover. And you, of course, are a terrific woman to have sex with. Thanks for telling.

By vab69cpl [Ignore] at 18,Oct,17 09:23
Its so sexy to hear how Gerome made love to you. Some good pointers.

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