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My neighbor again

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By straightarrow [Ignore] at 17,Oct,17 17:24   Pageviews: 127

Will he come back? Do I want him to come back

What I'm really thinking about is cumming again. But, would it be as explosive as the last time? Not having had sex in almost two years except for masturbation or my flesh light .

Maybe some nipple clips and the flesh light?

The flesh light is intense, so much so that five strokes and I can't stop from cumming. Really need to have it last longer. Maybe a long edging session?

Think, dumb ass, think!! Masturbation, flesh light or maybe another blow job when Fred cums back? No, don't think, just don't answer the door. I'm not gay, a fag, a queer. I don't suck cock or want to suck cock. I, don't want to be fucked, hell I don't even like the finger wave the doctor does during an exam. But, that blow job was mind blowing.

Of course it was because of the fact of not having any human physical sexual contact in almost 2 years. My mind is racing, nipples,cock,blow job,cumming, Fred,cumming, jack-off, flesh-light, cumming, Fred. If and when he comes back, am I completely dressed, just shorts, completely naked? Cock in hand, nipple clips, answer door, don't answer door? Shit, it's been more than an hour since he left..when will he return? What will he say, what will he want from me, how should I be dressed?? Alright, I'm going to see/hear what he wants. Shorts, tee shirt, no clips and nothing showing.

Finished getting dressed, clips put away, nipples and cock so soft and small it would take a search party to find. Relaxed, with a neat glass of scotch and a good cigar I assume the wait. It's not long till I see Fred cumming up the walkway. I, let him in, he's dressed in shorts and a tee shirt also. I, offer him a seat and ask if he would like anything to drink and if the cigar bothers him? He says a beer would be nice and maybe some tube steak. I'm confused for about 15 seconds and then realize what he means bi tube steak. I laugh and say how bout just the beer for now? As I take him the beer he reaches out and gently gropes my cock and says if no tube steak, how bout I nibble the nipples? Oh, crap..the cock is starting to grow. I, laugh, move away and return to my seat across the room. Lets just talk for a while and see where we're cumming from and want to go, I tell him. He says I want to come over here and relax, have a drink and maybe a cigar none of which I can do at home. Have you naked, I want to nibble and lick your nipples, I want your cock to get hard and shoot cum in my mouth, I want you to pinch my nipples, fondle my cock and talk dirty to me while I swallow all your cum. I, can't help but grope my cock as it grows and my nipples get stiffer. He sees my discomfort, smiles and says- you want it too, don't you? You want to get naked and shove your cock into my warm, wet sucking mouth?

It's all I can do to keep from rushing across the room, dropping my shorts, stripping off my tee shirt and shoving my cock into his mouth. He pulls his shorts aside and lets his cock show....

I, hold up my hand and tell him to slow down we need to talk. I'm not gay, queer, homo or anything else, I don't want to suck cock, get fucked or fuck a guy. He, says I understand and appreciate that, I assumed you weren't as you were married but I'm also married and still I luv to get naked with men suck and nibble, swallow cum and maybe have my tiny cock played with and my nipples sucked and nibbled. You don't really have to do anything you don't want, just lay back and let me have my way with you to both our satisfactions. If you like you can do to my nipples as I do to yours, fondle my cock, maybe jack it little, rub the precum over the head and eventually when you shoot your load, I'll shoot mine. My cock is nowhere near the size of yours but I do cum and especially luv it when swallowing a nice load. It doesn't have to be everyday, just when ever you feel the need to cum. We, set up some kind of signal, I show up, we get naked and have some innocent male to male fun, but it has to be here as I never know when the wife will be gone, for me to be able to host. No one needs to know or find out. I've only done this with 1 other guy, where I lived before and have so been missing it for such a long time. That's all I've got to say, now it's your turn.

What to say, what to do??? My mind is reeling but my cock is growing and nipples are stiffening and all that's without even touching them. The answer to my dilemma is sitting across the room from me and requires little or nothing from me in regards to a potentially continuing relationship. I, stand up, strip off the tee shirt, drop my shorts walk over to him and say suck me bitch, suck me till I shoot my cum down your swallowing throat.....

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By mike50 [Ignore] at 27,Dec,17 07:16
I like to see my pic on his page

By onthelose [Ignore] at 23,Oct,17 19:16
You are definitely conflicted. I say its all sex, why does anyone have to categorize it. You can have this ,that and another but you cant have this , that and the other. Forget what your were taught, just enjoy yourself.

By #460523 [Ignore] at 17,Oct,17 18:39

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