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Happy Trail

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By HotFuckerBoy [Ignore] at 17,Oct,17 21:37   Pageviews: 164

This is an excerpt from Kyle's Story - Book 2 from the Chapter called Happy Trail. An example of my writing.

Kyle is returning to Renee’s hotel room after a long day at the roller coaster park...

I grab my duffle and go back up. I take quick look around to make sure no-one is watching and let myself back into Renee’s room. Once inside, I lock the door and drop my duffle bag on the bed. Renee takes my hand and leads me to lay down with her.

We get right to hugging, kissing and groping. It feels good to lay down with Renee after this long day of walking, hot sun and adrenaline rushes. I run my hands all over her and feel her nipples getting hard.

“I’ve missed you so much,” she says, smothering me with kisses.

“I was only gone a couple of minutes.”

“I meant these last six or seven months.”

She runs her hands up and down my sides and back. Next, she reaches behind me, grabs and pinches my ass. Being the funny, sneaky girl she is, she stealthily reaches up inside my shorts and tickles my balls, this makes me jump and squirm around. “What’s the matter Sport? Are you ticklish?” she giggles.

“Yeah, kinda...”

She hops on top of me, pinning me down, and begins tickling me like crazy. I try to tickle her back, but she has the high-ground advantage on me. I scream and holler for her to stop, but I really don’t want her too, this is too much fun.

After the tickle-torture session, that she clearly won, is over, she asks, “Do you want to take a shower? Then we can watch a movie or something… and maybe a little…?” She doesn’t need to finish, I know what “a little” means.

“Okay,” I get up and undress over by the bathroom door.

Renee sits up on the edge of the bed, watching me take my clothes off. She tilts her head like she’s noticed something, “Come over here a minute, Sport.”

I walk over, standing naked in front of her. She runs her fingers through my pubes, “Someone hasn’t been keeping himself trimmed up, look at this wild garden you have going on!”

“Yeah, I’ve guess I’ve been letting it go, huh?”

“Oh look! You’re getting your happy trail, you didn’t have that before.”

“My happy trail?”

“Yeah, see this thin line of darker hair from your belly-button down to your patch? It’s called a happy trail, I think it’s super-sexy.” She traces her finger on it, “See, it starts right here… and leads on down to…” Yeah, I’m happy she’s on 'that' trail.

Renee whispers, “Come ‘ere Sport.” and pulls me to her. She kisses my belly-button and then wiggles her tongue down my trail. When she gets to my pubes, she burrows her nose in deep and explores. She explores up, then down, side to side, and everywhere in between.

“I just love how fluffy your pubes are, and so soft too” she tells me.

Once she’s sniffed her way through every inch of my unkempt garden, she plants kisses all over my hanging cock and even a few on my balls underneath. This is a major turn-on having her nuzzle and kiss me all over my privates.

“Um, would you like me to take a shower? I’ve been sweating a lot today.”

“In a minute, I like your scent. It’s not stinky or anything… I don’t know how to describe it, but your so… so sexy to me, it really turns me on.”

She opens her mouth takes me inside. As you know, I have a thing for being sucked on before I get hard, it feels especially nice. Receiving this pleasure when I’m soft never lasts very long, but I really enjoy feeling myself get hard in this welcoming warmth.

Renee remembered everything from the last time we did this. Flicking her tongue in that little divot below my head and all over my sensitive spot, tickling my pee-hole and twirling it around my shaft. This makes my legs start to quiver.

Renee looks up, “Here, sit on the bed.” She remembered that I have a hard time standing while receiving this kind of stimulation.

I sit down at the edge and she gets on her knees between my legs. She happily resumes sucking on me, thoroughly sucking. “Ahhh-mmmm.” I hum. This is so much more comfortable and it feels oh so good. At this rate, I know I am not going to last very long before I blow.



“You’re gonna make me cum.”

“It’s okay,” she shrugs like it’s no big deal, “Just let it happen.”

'Just let it happen,' I like the sound of that. Okay, she’s fine with me cumming in her mouth and just as we are getting started. We have all night, I’m sure I will cum again before too long.

I lay back, propped up on my elbows, and let her do as she pleases with me. Her tight lips sliding on my length feels beyond amazing. I like watching her enjoy my cock, it’s shiny, wet with her saliva as it appears and then disappears back into her mouth. I love when she takes pauses to suck really hard, so much suction that I can feel the skin at the base of my shaft being pulled taught.

With her hand between my legs, she gently rubs my tighten ball-sack, this time not to tickle, she does this because it feels good to me. It’s when she starts rubbing my inner thigh with the fingertips of her other hand, I just can’t hold off any longer. With so much sucking, rubbing and touching going on in this area of my body, it causes me to lose control of trying to hold off and puts me over the edge. I let it happen and shoot my seed.

“Ohhh-Ahhh” I moan, as my cum surges and flows.

Renee makes a happy, “Mmm-Mmm” sound as she welcomes my creamy release.

When my erupting spurts subside, I let my elbows go and fall back on the bed. I’m looking up at the ceiling while taking in deep heavy breathes. I remember something I should have said, “I forgot to tell you when I was going to cum, I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, I could tell. Your cock gets really big just before you do.”

“Oh, yeah, I forgot about that.”

“Did that feel good Sport? You let out quite a bit.”

“Uh huh,” I nod, “I really, really liked that!”

“Your cum tasted good to me today,” she says, tracing her finger up and down my happy trail.

“It did?” I ask. Can I be any more flattered? Having someone tell you that your cum tastes good… holy moly!

“Yeah,” she nods, “I kind of enjoyed it.”

“Well, that’s good.” Renee not being turned-off sure makes me feel good.

“I like having your cock in mouth, feeling you get so hard it throbs. When you cum, you get all tense and jittery,” she laughs, “I like doing that to you.”

“I can’t tell you how good it feels to me.”

She laughs again, “Oh, I have a pretty good idea.”

--- I hope you enjoyed this, it is just a tiny part of a much larger work.

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By cruisebi [Ignore] at 29,May,18 13:31
Mate, your story just parallel my actual rl. (even the chick's name is Renae)

Cheers mate, keep writing, would love to follow your work, you clearly have a talent to tell a story
By HotFuckerBoy [Ignore] at 29,May,18 13:56
Thank you so much I appreciate that. Yes, I do like writing, it's a wonderful outlet.
By cruisebi [Ignore] at 29,May,18 15:24
Cheers for the pm bud
By HotFuckerBoy [Ignore] at 29,May,18 16:50

By #460523 [Ignore] at 16,Mar,18 19:08
so hot
By HotFuckerBoy [Ignore] at 16,Mar,18 22:30
Thank you I am happy you liked it

By #482237 [Ignore] at 07,Mar,18 12:09
Very hot as all your stories,,,loved it,,
By HotFuckerBoy [Ignore] at 07,Mar,18 14:47
Thank you, I'm happy you love what I write, means a lot to me

By dgraff [Ignore] at 31,Oct,17 21:02
Hot nice piece of writing for a minute or two it's like I was kyle
By HotFuckerBoy [Ignore] at 31,Oct,17 22:01
Thank you. I happy you enjoyed it.

By footluvrsgirl [Ignore] at 21,Oct,17 17:42
By HotFuckerBoy [Ignore] at 22,Oct,17 07:52

By Billy4995 [Ignore] at 18,Oct,17 07:43
yeah, I enjoyed it!! thnx for sharing it with us.
By HotFuckerBoy [Ignore] at 18,Oct,17 13:49
You are very welcome, I'm glad you liked it. Thank you for reading

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