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I have this fantasy

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By **LHB** [Ignore] at 19,Oct,17 01:15   Pageviews: 140

I have been heterosexual, my entire life...but I have also been very curious as long as I can remember. I have various fantasies including both men and women mostly where I am fucking and sucking pussy and cock. As I have grown older the fantasy of sucking and getting fucked has become almost an obsession. Last year I was traveling and was in Cyprus, out of curiosity I went to a men's "spa" (aka sex club)while there I had my balls and dick played with and was even finger fucked in the ass by several men. I ended up sucking five cocks and balls. I like balls so if I have a cock I am going to suck the balls also. Although this was quite good, unfortunately did not get anyone to orgasm. There was just too much activity and interruptions.

My fantasy continues, what I would very much like is to be gang banged in both the ass and the mouth. I want 5-10 guys to fuck my ass and cum deep inside of me, I want several of them to pull out and go ass to mouth and cum deep in my throat. I want another 5-10 guys fucking my mouth as my ass is getting fucked all of them cumming deep in the back of my throat...would not waste a drop of that precious cum. So this is what I want...how do I make it happen...any thoughts.

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By #534396 [Ignore] at 25,Oct,17 17:32
Nice fantasy, mine is very similar. I'd like to be gang banged by 5+ guys with huge cocks. They would completely dominate and abuse my tiny young body. Passing me around from cock to cock fucking my tight young ass rough and hard, making sure my mouth is filled with a huge cock at all times and having a cock in each hand, with someone yanking and squeezing on my tiny balls. They would treat me like a sex doll putting me in all kinds of positions constantly spanking my ass, slapping my face with their cocks and abusing my tiny hanging cock and balls as painfully as they could. Eventually they would begin to double penitrate me deep and hard, crying muffled by a cock constantly chocking me while drivin deep down my throat. I want to be left nude, asshole gaping wide, bruised all over and covered in cum, face and hair with at least 4 loads, mouth overflowing while i swallow hot sticky cum, asshole wide open cum all around and oozing out, cum covering my tiny **** cock, and a load of cum in my toes. One load shot into another guy's ass would be fed to me by a gaping squatting hole over my face, as the asshole oozes the cum into my wide open mouth I am taken to the basement tied to a table in a way that my legs are wide apart, mouth accessable to cocks, hands free to stroke, feet positioned so that cocks can rub them. They would play with my asshole with large dildos fist's and even legs. A horse Dido would be the weapon of choice but soon they will grow bored and begin to insert hands until it was elbow deep. Fisting my asshole so that I would screech with pain, moaning loudly and painfully begging for them to stop with tears rolling down my face. Eventually my asshole was so steatched only a mild moan was produced when fisted. Cocks all over my face trying to find my mouth my anal pain was back with more intensity as a foot entered my hole, screaming with pain cocks still fighting to burrow down my throat, howling and moaning with pain as multiple dildos, body parts and other items were stuffed into my young tight hole
By **LHB** [Ignore] at 01,Nov,17 21:47
that's one hell of a fantasy, I am with ya until it starts to turn to torture v. pleasure. I can go pretty dark but not into the humiliation/torture aspect. More power to you, hope it becomes real.

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