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Points deducted

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By Blackpoolrock [Ignore] at 22,Oct,17 04:50   Pageviews: 79

For posting 4 pics of my cock in womenís knickers, Iíve been deducted 40 points. You could see my cock in all of the pics, but someone thinks itís a crime and moved the pics and took 40 points.
I wonít bother posting anything else, what is the point. Perhaps the nameless individual would prefer it if I left the site.

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By avgdick69 [Ignore] at 29,Oct,17 20:36
some people are ass holes here but keep putting up the pics
By Blackpoolrock [Ignore] at 30,Oct,17 07:12

By licksipsuckit [Ignore] at 22,Oct,17 05:47
that's a bit stiff, there are lots of things here we don't get, but it would be a bigger shame if you stopped posting, just chalk it up to experience and don't let a few points stop you from sharing your sexy, lve found myself, the best way to add pics, is to go into the showyourcunt, or for you showyourdick site add them, and get them catagorised straight away, you cant do it from the showitoff site, lve had heaps of points deducted till l got it worked out, you'll get more points tomorrow and l hope to see more pics in future too, panties and all, *lix*
By Blackpoolrock [Ignore] at 22,Oct,17 15:45
Seems I canít post anything now , without it being moved. No wonder this site is struggling.
By licksipsuckit [Ignore] at 23,Oct,17 02:34
if its a cock in the cock category, there shouldn't be a problem, for a while there, l just put everything in the misc section, that's saved all problems for me *lix*
By Blackpoolrock [Ignore] at 23,Oct,17 05:22
Iíve calmed down about it now, why worry x

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