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By Likedick [Ignore] at 25,Oct,17 20:00   Pageviews: 134

Iíve loved cock ever since I was about 12. Yes I was ****. It happened in bording school. There was lots of boy on boy action shall I say. Myself I didnít want it. But it was forced on me. It soon came second nature kept under cover.
Well Iím now in my 40s @ Iíve used my cock to get me what I needed ( if not my hand or mouth. Put on panties n went to public toilets to get off or to get others off. Public places that men would go for a bit of fun. Although it normally ment the guys I met got a sucking/ wanking they got to cum. Mostly on me n left. I was normally left to wank my rock hard cock till my cum exsploded everywhere. Hopingie I was being watched by someone as they wanked too.
As you can see Iím not to well hung. Itís needing a shave ( & a sucking)
Itís been years since Iíve felt another mans cock. Iíve flashed a few guys in the toilet. But now Iím wed with family. I love sex but find cock makes me randy n the wife still turns me on but Iím still finding myself back looking for all the cock I can cum too
Up for pic swap n poss more / ie txt email

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By #534396 [Ignore] at 26,Oct,17 00:00
I also played with many cocks in boarding school. My roommates and I were always nude when safe to be always fucking one another. Once the rugby team gangbanged me on the field. When I got to 17 yrs I became the science teachers fuck toy. I often found myself on his desk howling as he fucked me with his enormous cock. I was expelled eventually when found fucking vigorously backstage during a play.

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