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By NiteRider [Ignore] at 27,Oct,17 08:53   Pageviews: 47

Love Making, Fucking, being Suck an Licked are all awesome, unfortunately, most of the time these sexual activities while intense are a brief period of time, sometimes, if your lucky an hour or so. Estim can last for hours, riding the edge of feeling the sensation of a continual Orgasm as your Prostate, all the muscles associated with an Orgasm to the tip of your Cock continually contract just as the twenty second to if your lucky a minute of Orgasmic contractions subside. Not So Estiming. Ride a gentle Orgasm to an earth shattering, leg shaking, pelvic quivering, balls jumping, cock jerking Orgasm that is not over until you decide because you control the tempo, expend no energy other than the pelvic contractions which are difficult to describe other than to say no Pussy, No J/O session an no Blowjob can compare to the feelings, sensation of a Estim session. That is not to say IMO the physical, emotional joining of two people can not be duplicated with a device but for self pleasure we all sometimes enjoy or when no partner is available or interested, there is Estim which for self pleasure Rocks. Hours of riding the sensation, feeling or the rhythmic contractions of an Orgasm while not having a tired hand, etc. Totally concentrating on the area of your pelvis , bslls, cock an the anal, prostate contractions as the electricity fire the nerve neurons of the muscles invovled in an Orgasm. How? Technique varies , I prefer , if you view the photos i uploaded you will will gel pads , one at base of my penis, another gel pad at the area just below an over the head of my penis, another gel pad covering the area between my anus to mid portion of my scrotum, not seen is the what I feel causes the experience to be authentic, not seen is a small bullet prostate probe inserted in my rectum which when all is wired up, the sound on, begins the Orgasmic contractions from my prostate radiating thru the penile muscles thru my scrotum and testis to the tip of my penis. an yes, i can feel the contractions rythmicly pulling the spematic cords of my balls back into my pelvis back to my seminal vesciles then back to prostate as the circuit continues again. Amazing feeling, sensations is like an endless Orgasm but you dont Cumm. I have heard of some that do, although, I dont think it is that easy to actually Cumm an why should you wish to do so , Riding an endless Orgasm to me is It. Yes, I have intentionally tried to Cumm, a few times I have after increasing the settings where my balls an cock were actually jerking in unison. Hey, it may be easier, natural for you young studs who cum in a minute to easily Cumm Estiming , not sure but I am sure whether young , middle age or old, everyone can enjoy an almost endless sensation of an Orgasm doing Estim. Devices to use, Do Your Research, my advice do not go Cheap. waste of money the the hundred or two hundred dollars units. most good Estim devices cost several hundred dollars an IMO are worth it if you are a Sex Hound, you want a device that delivers pleasure not painful shocks an one that will last years. There are three or four good units out along with SteroStim units which I have not used so not sure on those. the unit i use has preprogammed routines along with inputs for external sound files, which, I prefer. I do sound sound files inputted to unit some lasting as long as an hour some less, either way you can loop the sound files if you have a favorite. During three to six hours I Estim I have some favorite sound files I rotate through at hour or so intervals and otherwise just lay back, think Sexy, Lewd thoughts while the Orgasmic contractions courses through every cell of my reproductive system.

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