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By HisGirl [Ignore] at 27,Oct,17 10:32   Pageviews: 347

This is my first attempt at publicly musing or pondering thoughts about certain aspects of my life.

Oh and I'm the male side of HisGirl. She is obviously the better half.

I've known her since 2012 and we met through working on a project where both of our employers organized teams that were assigned tasks. I was required to meet her either once or twice a month either in a group meeting with others or one on one meetings to reconciliate expenditures.

Although I found her interesting, she wasn't anyone I was attracted to. And being much younger than me (I'm older than her mother), I never gave her much thought.

Through small talk I discovered she was a wild one. Loved her party life. Loved her night life. Was free and enjoying both men and girls alike. She felt a comfort with me and would spill pretty much any s e c r e t she had. Meetings turned to business lunches. I recall one particular time and I still smile recollecting when she had a female over after a wild night HisGirl was bothered that her female fling was STILL at her apartment. Such a life I thought. Foot loose and fancy free. Admired by both guys and girls.

She was comfortable showing me pictures of the men she dated. All handsome men. All her age of course. And she'd give me details of her weekends. Never one to judge, I would listen. She was so entertaining. Well she still is.

As we got to know each other, we simultaneously asked each other out. Funny how it worked. Still it was nice to have a sweet raven haired trophy at my side to an upscale theater for a live performance.

She got way too tipsy and her hands were all over me. Me being sober didn't take too much advantage of a drunk hot college girl other than having my hands all over her.

I'm not much for remembering things chronologically (and it'll probably peeve her) but I think we effectively started dating about 2 years later.

She's had to adjust sexually to me. Being a generation older, I'm not as responsive as quickly as the "boys her age". The best thing I did was listen. And armed with that I know she didn't have too many orgasms since "boys her age" would give her a good pounding and be done. Selfish to say the least but I've been that age and as long as I got mine, well that's all that mattered.

What I discovered was young men didn't eat her past 60 seconds. Also she has very sensitive nipples.

The first 6 months, our sex life was me checking into a hotel room. I didn't want anyone over at my place. We'd check into a room. I'd leave my clothes on and eat her to her heart's content. Once her screaming stopped, she would flip over and show me her tanned buns. That was my cue that she had enough. She'd towel my face dry. Then we'd leave. That went of for at least 6 months. I was attentive to her oral needs. In essence she was dating a tongue (and very happy to be).

Our sex has evolved incredibly well. My perversion has sunk in and she loves it. We experiment every facet. I have tied her up - punished her softly with a riding crop. Handcuffed her and used a cane on her. Flogged her. The result would always lead to her breathtaking orgasms. I would receive hand jobs. Wonderful handjobs. Something I enjoy like no other. Especially when she has her tongue on one of my nipples all the while telling me about her past lovers. It would drive me to convulsions.

She has been my Dominatrix. Tall black leather high heeled boots. Black over the elbow opera gloves. She would strap up her harness put me on my knees and I would be forced to suck Her dick. Just wearing it would make her soaking wet. The reversal of roles and power would bring her to orgasm.

She has worn a FeelDoe and I have actually "jacked her off" until it led to a screaming orgasm. It's our "Transexual E s c o r t" we role play. In the scene I'm a married man just looking for "something different". She is a total top and makes me her bottom.

Or sometimes we just "go gay". She'll strap up and mount up. 90% of the time it leads to her experiencing a screaming orgasm with her black panties (or black yoga pants) on.

It should be noted being pegged is NOT something I enjoy. But we do it because she likes it. A n a l is never performed on her. That's her only rule.

We also have a worship session. That's when she has every hair in place. Lipstick. Makeup. Wearing something sexy in the bedroom. I touch her. Grope her. Lick her. She becomes my porn. A hot tanned blacked haired vixen in my bed. since she is porn, I can only touch her. I cannot fuck her. She poses for me in different angles. It ends up with her jacking me off in front of the mirror.

One of my favorites is us kissing in bed. She tells me she has cheated on me. She is very descriptive. Tells me where she went. Describes her lover. She is on her back. I take her top off. I gently tongue her erect nipples. Gently rub her wet pussy through her panties. Her voice is louder as she tells me how her lover takes her. She starts calling me her lover's name. "Don't stop Anthony! Don't stop! My boyfriend doesn't have to know! Just keep going Anthony!" Until the screams happen.

We love black heels. Boots. Gloves. Corsets. Red lipstick. Stockings. Boyshorts.

She is also a rimmer. It's a thing she started with me. We do reverse face sitting as I get spoiled deliciously by her tongue.

I have trained HisGirl well to a new side of sexual pleasure. And yes in the last 12 months I've taken a pill so I can enjoy this sweet delicacy.

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By Traditiondave [Ignore] at 17,Oct,18 18:10
Thank you for your blog. I got very aroused by your story . I feel I would like to don't be same for such a sexy lady . You have shown her new pleasures and are allowing her to discover herself sexually with others. keep up the good work cant wait to hear more

By Robben [Ignore] at 04,Apr,18 07:19
Thank you for sharing, Im a fan

By #546818 [Ignore] at 26,Dec,17 09:18
Thanks for sharing!

By aprick [Ignore] at 08,Dec,17 10:22
Great bog. Love the dirty talk being about cheating. So hot!

By #532900 [Ignore] at 23,Nov,17 16:10
Reading this made me very hard ! I am very jealous I wish I could wank off watching her !

By lordice [Ignore] at 18,Nov,17 00:27
yeah very lucky man

By Mrdixon33 [Ignore] at 17,Nov,17 18:44
amazing description to a very enticing and erotic sexual relationship if we could all be so lucky to be that close to our partner and that comfortable, congrats to you both and ty for sharing those very very hot details

By #534369 [Ignore] at 10,Nov,17 12:47
What a great blog it’s cool to learn how others meet and how they got it on she sounds like fun and knows what she wants and so do you it’s cool to find someone who is not huge up on stuff when it cums to Sex, reading your story made me have hard and wet thinking about the stuff you guys get up too I loved the pictures and the blog tells it all keep up the fun and would love to hear more about your stuff I’d love to be in your shoes. Again thanks for sharing xxxxxxxx

By goldnuts [Ignore] at 31,Oct,17 16:58
What an incredible sounding sex life you have.... love the sound of the domiatrix sruff and the transexual role play... i have done some role play with my wife but not with such a risqué theme... please keep on updating us.

By venom [Ignore] at 27,Oct,17 14:18
You are truly a lucky man! She seems like a treasure, and I would you hope you continue to treat her as such. Thanks for sharing her with us.

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