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not around much

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By phart [Ignore] at 27,Oct,17 10:59   Pageviews: 62

I still like you all,just been sick and having to deal with stupid shit.Hope to enjoy things again soon.

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By phart [Ignore] at 25,Nov,17 09:40
trying to stay busy and keep my mind off this crazy shit.

By bella! [Ignore] at 28,Oct,17 01:15
Well, I hope that whatever is ailing you passes quickly!
By phart [Ignore] at 28,Oct,17 16:00
That crazy,sucidal girlfriend.She is in a nursing home.But her father brings her home a couple days a week. I got the bomb dropped on me that the family is trying to get her home in about 2 months ,medicine has her under "control" and giving them a false sense of recovery. She has informed me,in a 5 year olds voice that she is horny and wants to continue our relationship. She talks like she is 5,looks like 70 and is horny like 16 and I don't trust her further than I could launch her with a rocket. I had not seen or heard from her since june and all was going well then this shit. I told her father,her legal guardian,that I was not interested in all that and I didn't want to be around her. I am actually looking at 1 of those restraining order things to be able to get some peace and quite if it comes to that.Sinus infection is getting better thankfully.
By bella! [Ignore] at 28,Oct,17 17:23
Whoa! That's a lot to be dealing with. If her, her family cannot respect the fact that you do not want to be involved any further, it might be in your best interest to handle things in a legal way.
By phart [Ignore] at 28,Oct,17 21:58
Ironicly, 2 hours after I typed this her dad came by.We have been friends for many years and I do alot of mechanic work for him and such. I had the "talk" with him.Was very earnest and frank about it. I told him I would come visit her at his home in his presence as I was afraid for her to be around me alone. I am thinking,a crazy person could accuse me of **** or whatever. rather anything happened or not. And plus my father is concerned since she has been violent in the past I will wind up with a crow bar against my head if something does not go her way. So he has been told,that she does not need to be here and i do not feel comfortable being anything other than a friend sitting on the front porch or the kitchen playing checkers.

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