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By whisper [Ignore] at 27,Oct,17 20:07   Pageviews: 163

I’m not usually a big fan of craigslist hook-ups. It usually ends up being a waste of time exchanging emails, pics, stats, etc. until finally the guy either finds someone else or chickens out. Today was a different story.

I was bored and horny as the work day ended this afternoon so I pulled up the local m4m personals on my phone and saw an interesting ad posted by a guy claiming he wanted to play now, no games, etc. He included his phone number so I texted him, told him I was ready now, and not interested in a lot of back and forth. After just a couple of exchanges we agreed to meet at a place he suggested and described each other’s cars so we knew who to be looking for.

Ten minutes later I found him in the quiet back lot of a large shopping center, where he said he would be. I parked nearby, leaving a couple of empty spots between our vehicles. The windows on his mid-size sedan were tinted heavily enough that I could not see inside, but the front passenger window dropped as I approached revealing my middle aged new friend, driver’s seat pushed all the way back, shorts around his ankles, his cock in hand, and a smile on his face.

I opened the passenger door, climbed into the seat (which was also all the way back), and shut the door as he raised the window back up.

“It looks like you are all set,“ I smiled, with a nod to his hardening rod. It looked to be about 6.5 inches long and pretty thick, a bit bigger than my own, but not by much.

“Horny as hell,” he grunted. “Make yourself comfortable.”

First I kicked off my shoes, then I undid my belt, unbuttoned my khakis, pulled the zipper down, slid them over my hips to the floorboard, and stepped out of them. Before I could pull my boxer briefs off, however, he reached over and gave my bulge a nice squeeze. My cock responded almost immediately, beginning to stiffen under his lingering touch. He ran two fingers lightly up and down the length of it as it began to stretch the fabric running toward my left hip. He gently cupped my covered balls and gave them a few playful squeezes. Returning his attention to my now erect member, he rubbed it steadily through the material until a dark spot of pre-cum began to appear there.

Finally he pulled the waistband of my underwear out and down to reveal my throbbing boner. I raised my hips off the seat, pulled them down, and kicked them off. Meanwhile my friend opened the center console and produced a small bottle of water based lubricant. He applied a few drops to his own dick, then a few to mine before he wrapped his hand around my shaft and started stroking.

After I unbuttoned my dress shirt and pulled it open to keep the tales out of his way, I reached over to return the favor, taking his hard, wet cock in my hand. We continued this way for a while, varying the speed of our strokes and the strength of our grips, pleasuring each other in the way that only guys can know how to do. Pre-cum was dribbling on both sides now and I could have cum just like that, but I wanted more.

I shifted in the seat and bent down towards his lap. My tongue met the tip of his dick and I tasted his sticky pre-cum. His moan of pleasure let me know that he approved, so I ran my tongue from the head to the base of his hard shaft and back up again. I let it dance along the underside of the rim of his swollen mushroom head, causing him to jump and quiver. Finally I engulfed that big red cap between my lips while continuing to circle it with my tongue.

His soft moaning indicated his pleasure as I sucked an inch or two of his rigid shaft into my mouth. Working the base of his cock with my fingers and the top with my mouth, I had him breathing hard in no time. I plunged down onto his full length, letting the fat head of his dick penetrate the back of my throat.

“Oh fuck!” he groaned. “Keep going!”

That was exactly my intention. I bobbed up and down his thick pole for the next few minutes, encouraged by his grunts and groans. Soon his abs tightened and began to heave as his nuts pulled up tight to his groin.

“Gonna shoot,” he warned, but I was determined to take his full load of man-milk. It came in a series of rapid spurts, filling my mouth and throat. I swallowed quickly as I continued to suck him. His warm creamy seed slid down easily, with only a little leaking out from my lips onto his neatly trimmed pubes.

I continued to mouth his cock head and stroke his shaft gently. He trembled and moaned with the pleasure, but finally had enough and asked me to stop. I reluctantly let his cock out of my mouth, but eagerly licked up the few stray drops of his load before sitting back in my seat.

Without hesitating he leaned over and took my still hard member between his lips. The warm wetness of his mouth and the motion of his hand along my shaft had me in an ecstatic state. Stimulated by him rolling my nuts between the fingers of his other hand, my legs spread open as wide as they could in the car seat. He shifted his attention to my taint, alternately rubbing gently and pressing firmly, sending chills throughout my entire body.

He continued sucking me deep into his throat as his fingers continued to explore. He rubbed against my tight butt hole and I involuntarily rotated my hips up to give him better access. He probed and explored for a few seconds before quickly wetting his finger with some saliva that he had let dribble down my shaft and finally penetrating me. He pushed in past the first knuckle and then the second. He quickly found my sweet spot and rubbed it vigorously.

The feeling was incredible! His long, thick finger stretching my anus, flicking against my prostate, sending waves of pleasure coursing through my loins, and buckling my knees. His hot wet mouth sucking my throbbing cock deep and fast, brining rise to my now desperately needed release.

Without much warning I erupted in his mouth. What lasted mere seconds seemed like hours, pulse after pulse of my cum filling the back of his throat and being swallowed down. I heard a voice yelling “Yes! Yes! Yes!” and realized through the orgasmic fog that it was my own…

When it was over he slid his finger out of me and let my still firm cock fall to my belly. He reached behind my seat and produced a roll of paper towels that we used to clean up before getting dressed and parting ways.

“Anytime my ad is up, you are sure welcome to reply,” he offered as I opened the door.

“Oh yes! I’ll be checking often,” I answered, letting the door close and walking back to my car, satisfied.

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By cruz69696969 [Ignore] at 20,Jun,18 14:16
I think I made it half way through the story before I came plus what an incredible car sex story
By whisper [Ignore] at 23,Jun,18 10:15
glad you enjoyed it, i stikk get hard thinking back on it, but have not been able to find this guy again since craigslist dropped personals.

By Silverfur [Ignore] at 11,May,18 23:35
That was so hot! You lucky guys

By shysteve60 [Ignore] at 27,Apr,18 20:35
jump in my car mmm

By tb1 [Ignore] at 17,Feb,18 01:01
Good read

By xtc1 [Ignore] at 29,Oct,17 11:52
I wish something like that would happen for me

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