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Estim explained and where to find info related to Estim

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By NiteRider [Ignore] at 28,Oct,17 22:23   Pageviews: 36

I hesitate to Dis any Estim device because what I may have found less than I expected, someone else may consider it everything they had wished for concerning pleasurable. I do advise NOT to go cheap. usually you get what you pay relating to quality, longevity and pleasurable results, keeping in mind the attachments, probes, etc, you use aalong with placement, sound files if the unit accepts sounds files are an integral part of having a sexually pleasurable experience for hours on end. as i said previously, a good Estim unit, appropriate probes, attachments placed properly, experimenting with what works for you as there are no definites other than I think for a male it is imperative that one of the attachments be a anal prostate probe stimulating the prostate, seminal vesicles, vas deferens while the other connection to that channel is some kind of attachment along the area above the anus extending up and including a portion of the scrotum, some prefer conductive rubber loop around the scrotum and testis but i prefer a long adhesive gel pad placed just above the anus extending over the most of the scrotum as underneath this entire area lies the muscles responsible for the pleasurable rhythmic contractions a male feels during an orgasm. channel two I use a adhesvie gel pad wrapped around base of penis just above where the gel pad on the scrotum is located and place a second gel pad half in the area where the tube of the penis joins the head thus half to two thirds covering the head of penis. sometimes I use a wider width gel pad on head of penis to cover the entire head along with a area where the penis melds into the head. Experiment on what works for you. I do recommend purchasing a unit that accepts, plays mp three files because of the thousands of variations of sensations compared to the built in routines that may not turn your crank no matter how sophisticated the unit is. Cardinal rule Do Not go cheap in an attempt to save a dollar as you will eventually purchase what you should have to begin with or you will give up on Estim due to purchasing an inferior unit whose output is more designed for BDSM instead of Orgasmic pleasure.
The following FYI links for those who do not wish to use a search engine, however, I do recommend you do your own research using a search engine using the following search sting

Electrical Stimulation for sexual pleasure

using google there are several pages of related links some useful,some not, you judge for yourself.

The following are a few of the links along with the page describing the unit I currently use the ET 312b, which, I am satisfied with, although, I do intend to purchase two more each different units in the future to complement the one I cuurrently use. Variety, particularly with Estim equipment is the Spice of Life, atleast for sexual self gratification.

this one is an older document but contains useful info for those who are unfamiliar with Estim;ox=showitem;id=8802

My short list would not be complete without a Wiki for sure.

I hope this information is useful to someone. Again, I repeat Do Not make the mistakes I have made concerning to find a cheap unit ranging from Forty to around One hundred Sixty dollars then discover not what I wanted. I will add that it appears I repeat appears from user reviews of some of the DIY pure stereo stim units costing much less than good commericial units Appear from user feedback who said they were satisfied . Do your research,especially, if you are on a budget, otherwise, purchase a high end commercial unit and begin E-Stimming

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