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My first BBC

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By dragonthor48 [Ignore] at 29,Oct,17 03:20   Pageviews: 87

Hello everyone its been awhile since I posted anything, well I have been very busy , and not much time to play so I went to this gym a good cruising spot. I did my work out and noticed a black guy working out and he looked yummy so he comes over were I am working out and starts chatting with me so i started to talk with him and he asks when i was going to be done I told him i am done i was just headed to the locker room and he laughed and said he was done also and going to take a steam well the locker room is all nude so I go in and get underdressedand head to the shower to rinse of, he follows me over and I turn and face him and I couldn't help but look down towards hs cock and I wanted to go down on my knee's and take his very thick and large cock in my mouth but i waited and took it in my hands and started jacking him off, we went to the steam room and he sat down on the upper benchs and I couldn't wait any longer his cock was hard and bigger than before i took his cock n my mouth and started sucking and licking his cock and balls it was so big i could barely fit it my mouth, but I was able to deepthroat him and it felt great, he then asked if we could fuck and was like hell yes, a fantasy i have had since I started on this journey. since there was one in there yet I said yes so he had me stand up my ass facing him and started eating my ass my knee's went weak when he put his fingers in my assi thought fuck his fingers are big, and I thought how am i going to take his cock well I found out he pulled me towards him and help me start to sit on his fantastic cock I felt the head go in and it went deeper and i relaxed amy ass and he went all in my body went weak as I rode his cock he stood me up and turned around and bent me over and pounded my ass I have never felt any thing like this we did this for about what seemed like hrs but he says to me in my ear I am about to cum baby where do you want it, I chuckled as he kissed my neck i said your fine where your at so he started to cum and I felt his warm cum shooting up my ass so he pulls out i turned to him and took his cock in my mouth and finished him off i sucked his cock dry, I licked my lips and felt his cum dripping out of my ass I stuck my hand down and caught the cum and ate it all it was tasty. I hadn't noticed another guy sitting and jacking off to what was going on so I told Tom that i wanted his number so we could do it again meanwhile the guy was still playing with himself, I told Tom I would be out in a few he said cool I will be in the hot tub, so I walked to the guy and took his cock in my mouth and started sucking it he was about half the size of my new fuck buddy so he was easy to swallow he was older than Tom. He asks me if we could fuck and i knew he was ready to blow his load so I gave the best fuck he has had in awhile he didn't last too long he came and i swallowed him and went to the hot tub and rubbed tom's cock and he asked me if we could do it again but at his place so we could take our time.. So I said sure how about nxt Friday he asked how about sooner I said I was moving then I asked where do you live he, and it's the same apts I live in he is on the other side of the apartments where i live so i will be going over on sunday and get my worship on can't wait to suck and fuck that BBC. I really enjoy sucking and fucking big cocks well goodnight all you fine ass men

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By mywusch [Ignore] at 13,Feb,18 12:35

By kokhard [Ignore] at 03,Dec,17 11:21
I'll let you suck me as long as I get to suck you too

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