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My very first crush on a boy. 😉😉😉

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By Samman [Ignore] at 31,Oct,17 05:40   Pageviews: 68

When I was younger there were two guys that were my age, went to the same school as me,and lived in the same neighborhood as I did so even though we didn't really hang out together we were always around each other and I can distinctly remember the first time we had a early morning football practice (which meant we all were going to have to get in the showers) I think we were all nervous about the size of our dicks,and various other hangups. As we entered the locker room after practice everyone was slowly getting ready to go take a shower, at that time I had only been attracted to girls and never even thought about liking boys, so when one of the more outgoing boys tried to break the ice by jokingly pulling out his cock and quickly stroking it. I watched as a few of his friends did the same I was watching as three of them took off their clothes and go to the showers, I took off my shorts and noticed that I was rock hard, as I tried to stuff my stiff dick in my undies I saw the two boys from my neighborhood walk out of the shower and that's the first time I got to see the cutest one named chase naked. I remember how his dick was quite a bit bigger than all of the other boys and he had a extremely thick shaft. As I watched him slip his fat cock into his underwear I had to go to a bathroom stall and jerk off really quick. Over the next few months I managed to get the locker next to his. I would immediately get naked and watch him take his clothes off, and I usually got hard right in front of him, but I'd pretend to not be able to control it. Eventually I ended up in the showers with just him. I watched him wash his hair and make his long dick flop around, I got so turned on that I just slightly started to touch myself, but after a few seconds I could see that he could tell what I was doing so I began to jerk off in front of him. As I stroked my cock I asked him if he was going to do anything to himself? He was so adorable the way he shyly said if I wanted him to he would. We were standing about four feet apart facing each other so when I saw him grab a hold of his limp dick and pull on it with two hands until he got an enormous hard on. I was so excited that I accidentally started to cum, I got some on his abs and hands so he stopped playing with his dick and went back to showering. I tried to make other advances with him for a long time after that, but he never wanted to do anything other than go into the bathroom at school or whatever we were and he'd unzip his pants and pull out his dick so he could jerk off as I watched and usually i jizzed long before he did,.. I will have more on that later

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