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Back to (Naughty) Nature

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By kjallen [Ignore] at 31,Oct,17 15:22   Pageviews: 151

Itís so lovely to finally get away. To have you all to myself for a few days. To escape the hustle and bustle where no one can find us. We are lying low and ďoff the grid,Ē as you like to say. Itís much needed and long overdue.
As Iíd hoped and expected, the drive here was scenic and spectacular. The mountains are lush and full of color, and the many earthly trails we passed remind us of the roads not yet traveled individually or together. It made me happy we stopped and ventured down one on foot for a bit. You looked so manly and rugged in the wild. I could have taken you right there. We argued over the music in the car, did crosswords, and made up silly poetry to each other along the way.
We took sex quizzes in my lady magazines, and we found out that youíd like to have a little pain with your pleasure, and that I would like to become a member of the Mile High Club (youíve already decided weíre flying on our next trip).
We arrived at our cabin. Letís get real, though, as this is hardly roughing it. Itís loaded with amenities and upscale creature comforts and other things us city folk think we canít live without. Most importantly, itís remote. We have all of the privacy we want.
We bring in the bags and drop them inside the door as we marvel at the relaxed and natural beauty of it all. We remind each other that the phones are off this weekend (not silent, off). No matter how much it kills you, you can wait until Monday to say yes to your next gig. God knows you never say no.
You immediately start whipping up the cocktails while I head out on the expansive, back patio. The sun is just starting to set over the enormous treetops, and the big sky looks as though it has fire burning within it. Iím a sucker for a beautiful sunset, and this is one for the ages: yellows, pinks, and bold crimson, drowning in a sea of blues, as far as the eye can see.
Iím lost in the splendor and donít even hear you come up behind me until you had me my drink. You stand flush against my back, one arm around my middle, while we sip away for a few minutes, looking out at the majestic view and taking it all in. Just breathing in the quiet and stillness seems to be a relief for both of us. I can feel the albatross of too much work and not enough play already shattering and falling away.
You put your drink down, sweep my long hair to the side, lean in and down, and start brushing your soft lips against my neck. Mmm, I love your lips on me.
I let you do this until my toes are about to curl with pleasure, which, really, is almost immediate, and you know this, which is why you do it.
I finish my glass and put it down with yours. My head drops to one side, my eyes still fixed on the view, as your warm, open mouth travels to the nape of my neck and up to my earlobe. You exhale on my ear and kiss me there with your wet tongue.
You know your tongue and mouth on my ear arouses me incredibly and makes my nipples instantly hard. I cry out and start to squirm in your tight grip. You grip me harder. Itís all about the foreplay, isnít it, my naughty boy?
All of the sex-quiz talk in the car has us already worked up, and weíve never been shy about fornicating in new locations. Itís usually the first thing we do on our excursions; sort of christen the place with our own kind of primordial ceremony.
You grab my chin and turn my head toward yours so you can kiss me with an open mouth. You swallow my long moan as your hand goes under my blouse to pinch my nipple through my bra. Youíve got me in such a tight clench, I donít even need to reach back to feel how hard your cock is already because itís digging into my back through your denim. I can feel your girth and length.
I turn all the way around, and we kiss passionately and vigorously, appropriate for the primal setting in which we find ourselves. We are starved for each other. Ravenous.
We pull off each otherís shirts, and you reach behind me to unhook my bra. It falls to the patio as my arms reach up and around your neck. I feel my big breasts anchored in your hands, your fingers splayed wide to catch and squeeze them. You love how soft and malleable they are. You like to cup and jiggle them, and flick my nipples with your thumbs.
With our tongues darting in and out of each otherís mouths, I reach down and unbuckle your belt, and open your jeans. Your massive cock spills out, already a little moist with pre-cum.
You lean down to lick and suck on my erect nipples; you tug on my breasts and get them where you want them. You nip and bite a little bit, which you know I like, and I call out your name in ecstasy.
I run my fingers along the tip of your pointed cock and play with your wetness, while you moan in my open mouth.
Without hesitation, I drop to my knees and take your jeans down far enough to swallow your shaft deep in my throat. You are briefly taken aback by the swiftness of it all, but you have no complaints. Iím massaging your balls with one hand as I alternate my warm mouth and other hand along your huge, erect cock. Iím giving you as much friction as I can, but it is not fast enough for you at this moment. You want more.
You grab my head and angle my open mouth and fuck it with gusto. You call out my name in between your proclamations of pleasure. Then, without any warning, you unexpectedly pull out all the way. Your member slips out of my closed lips with a loud POP.
ďYeah, baby,Ē you breathe, ďjust suck the tip.Ē Your eyelids drop to half-mast, and you can barely focus on me as you become lost in your carnal delight.
I like to play with and torture you, running my tongue along your ridges and deep into your valleys. You like the collision of my warm breath interspersed with the crisp evening air.
You eventually stand me up, spin me around, bend me over the railing, and pull up my skirt to find, much to your surprise and delight, Iím not wearing any panties. You reach down with your finger to see how wet I already am. Iím saturated, of course, and you love knowing you did that to me. You roll your finger around in my wet pussy to rev me up even more. I press back into your hand, almost begging for it.
You spread my legs open, and I think you are about to put yourself inside me. Instead, you just slip in the tip. You are such a cruel, naughty boy.
You know it makes me crazy when you tease me. I throw myself back to try and capture your dick with my throbbing pussy, but you are in complete control and wonít let it get beyond the tip. You poke in and out of our shared wetness, taunting me, making me suffer. I plead for you as you bob in, out, in and out. Oh, you are so mean.
You take no prisoners at this point, and I welcome it. I want to be fucked by you, HARD.
Iím suddenly completely upright, one leg up, my arms reaching up and back and around your neck, my eyes rolling around in my head from the sheer pleasure of you fucking and fingering me. You have me in a firm clasp and are totally in control. I love it when you dominate me like this.
You stop abruptly when you realize there is a built-in bench against the railing a few feet away. You take me over and place me on it, carefully ensuring my knees are on the padded cushion. You spread me open again. Unexpectedly, I feel your three day-old scruff between my legs, your cheeks scratching at the insides of my thighs, knocking to be let in. I willingly oblige.
I push my ass into the air further and spread myself open as wide as I can. I feel your face bury itself into me. I feel your eyes and nose imprinted on my skin, while your tongue probes me. I push up and open even wider in my ecstasy, wanting to experience every morsel of pleasure you give me. I want you to make me cum on your face. I am in an almost altered state as I revel in your fervor and eager explorations of my nether regions.
I am now poised higher for your back entry, able to support myself upright on the railing. Your hands are on my bare hips again. Your taught manhood presses hard against my ass.
You grab hold of my hair and kiss me on the neck some more. I call out and my back arches. You know this is the singular thing that will instantly lube me.
You enter me from behind, and then wait. You make me anticipate. I can feel the pressure of every inch of your girth inside me. You fill me up and leave no room to spare. I savor the fullness.
You grab hold of my breasts and fondle them some more. You roll them around in your palms and squeeze them hard. You like how big and soft they are. You can feel the left one is bigger than the right, and you mentally note their dense weight. You wonder how much they actually weigh.
Your hands are firmly clenched on my hips, kneading hard on my extra flesh. My tits are bouncing all over the place. We are vigorously thrusting, grunting and moaning together.
It doesnít take long at this point. As I reach down to massage and spank my clit to prolong my orgasm, I suddenly feel you pull out and shoot your warm load all over my ass. I continue to cum while you squirt the last of yours out. I feel each of your drops hit my flesh, I want to taste it.
You collapse onto me, your arms around my waist, and one hand reaching down to my swollen pussy to help me finish. I feel your fingers kneading my clit. My body goes stiff, and then crumples.
We pause for a minute and breathe, our heart rates slowing to a relatively normal beat. It is dark outside.
You help me to my feet. We kiss.
This was just the start of what would turn out to be one of the most memorable weekends we spent at our cabin.

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By HotFuckerBoy [Ignore] at 31,Oct,17 19:03
Nice very sexy

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