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Taking a Steam

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By kjallen [Ignore] at 31,Oct,17 15:31   Pageviews: 209

I drove home, pondering the events of the morning, wondering if I should tell my lover, Chris, what had happened.

Every morning, I woke early, donning my bathing suit and a long denim dress, heading to the gym for an invigorating workout. My reward is a long soak in the hot tub and then sitting in the steam room, feeling my pores refine as I just relax. When I leave the hot tub, I generally remove my suit and wrap in a towel for the steam room. After my steam, I just pull my dress on over my nude body and head home. I like the feeling of walking nearly naked through the gym and into the parking lot. Sometimes, I even go shopping, constantly aware of my lack of underclothing as I mix with the townspeople.

Chris was home the other day when I came back. As I removed my dress, his eyes widened at the sight of me, totally naked. He followed me into the shower, lathering my skin, and then making rough love to me against the wall. He kept saying he was very excited by the thought of me being out in public like this. I loved it!

Today began like any other. I was dressed and gone while he was still in bed, hoping to get my exercise in early, because I had a busy day planned. I swam, did exercises and joined the aerobic ladies for about thirty minutes. Then, climbing from the pool, I shivering raced to the hot tub, quickly lowering myself into the heated, bubbly water. As the water jets hit my body, I felt myself begin to tingle, thinking of Chris's mouth or hands touching me there. It was a quiet time at the gym; no one entered the dressing room while I soaked. Then, as was my habit, I dropped my suit and wrapped in a fluffy pink towel. I went into the steam room, pulling the lever to release more heat into the room. Sitting on the warm concrete bench, relaxing in the quiet room, I closed my eyes and leaned back against the hot wall. Then the door opened. A tall, shapely woman walked in, someone I had never seen before. She was wrapped in a pink towel also but, because of her height, it barely covered her.

Out of the entire empty room, she chose to sit near me. One level down, with her shoulder brushing my thigh, she settled in to "get steamed". Her towel pulled lower, nearly exposing her full breasts. I couldn't stop looking at her, wondering what Chris would think of this development. He had, like most men, told me his fantasy about a third lover in our bed. He loved the idea of another woman, making love to me and then to him. I had promised him I would think about it, but had never been able to make a commitment to it. Now, I had this woman, who seemed to be about to expose herself to me.

I couldn't help looking, watching, as the sweat beads gathered on her full orbs, as they trundled down under the towel. She remained immobile, sitting beside me, her eyes closed. Slowly, she lifted her right arm and draped it over my bare knee, just resting against me. She leaned back against the bench, resting her head on the same level I was sitting. Her eyes were closed, she licked her lips sensuously. Her legs fell open. The towel, which was adequate for me, seemed to have shrunken about 3 sizes on her. It went from just her nipples to barely cover her hips. I could see her dark brown bush peering out from the edge of the pinkness. Her right hand still rested on my knee, but her left hand was sliding slowly up her own damp thigh. From my position, I could see her hand disappear under the towel edge. I could also hear her very deep sigh.

Tearing my eyes from her, I looked at the door, suddenly aware of the very public venue she had chosen. The aerobic ladies would be finished soon and they always came to steam and shower. I wasn't sure what her plan was, what she wanted from me. As if reading my mind, she suddenly made a move, sliding that hand up, finding the tender flesh of my inner thigh. Her hand was incredibly soft and smooth, cool on my heated skin. I felt my legs relaxing, spreading open.

I have never had any sexual contact with another female. I never thought I would like it, but now, as this woman moved to my private place, I found myself silently encouraging her. I had heard that women were different, they were softer and slower and knew where to touch and how. Now, in this quiet steam room, I was about to find out exactly what another woman was like, how she would touch me. I kept thinking of Chris, how he would react to this story, how it would excite him.

As my mind wandered, the woman unexpectedly stood. She stepped between my knees, spreading them even further. I felt her towel rubbing against my inner thighs, and then felt soft flesh instead. She had dropped her towel, exposing her impressive breasts to me, nearly at face level. She cupped them in her hands, leaning forward, offering them to me. It took me very little time to decide. I opened my mouth and accepted her gift of a soft, pink nipple. I had barely closed my mouth over it when it hardened and tightened. Suddenly, the softness was replaced by tautness, tiny bumps everywhere around it. I was surprised at the rubbery texture, the responsiveness of it. I closed my eyes and latched on more securely, pulling the entire circle of flesh into my mouth. Her hands reached into my hair, keeping me close to her, her hips swayed against my thighs. I could hear her moans, which excited me incredibly.

Her finger moved to my mouth, quickly breaking my hold, and she turned her body enough to offer me the other breast. I loved this! The way her body responded made me feel powerful and totally in control. I lost all concern about being seen or caught. Her body had a different scent that was extremely sexy. The absolute smoothness and softness tantalized me. Her fingers left my hair and began running over my bare shoulders, her touch unbelievably sensuous.

As they slipped under the towel, I felt it loosen. Soon, I was sitting on the warm concrete as naked as she. She dropped to her knees, and nuzzled my bare breasts. Then she slowly took one nipple into her mouth and I was lost! This was the difference. Her mouth moved slowly, sucking me deeply into it, making a meal of this hard brown nubbin. Her lips and tongue so very gently and urgently feasted on me, pulling me deeply into her, and then slowly laving me with her talented tongue. I arched to her face; I moaned and whimpered, I never wanted her to stop. Yet, she did!

Her mouth began moving down my damp body, creating sensations never before felt. Her fingers pushed me back, until I was resting against the wall, totally relaxed and opened to her. Her fingers rested on my inner thighs, opening them, ready to keep them open should I protest. I was beyond protest. I just wanted her, in any way possible.

Her face moved between my legs. She kissed me along the curliest, her tongue and lips creating unbelievable sensations there. Her fingers combed my wet curls, found my engorged slit. She stopped long enough to smile up at me, lick her lips, and then she plunged into me. I thought she might push her entire face into my pussy, so hungry she seemed. Her mouth opened over me, pulling my lips into her mouth, her tongue searching the depths of me. When she washed over my clit, I screamed and reached to her head, to hold her in place. But she needed no encouragement. She licked, slurped, sucked and titillated.

Her tongue was a master. She would lick softly up and down my slit, finding my deepest pink and entering it, thrusting into it, fucking it. Then she would slide back along the dampness until she found my clit, nursing on it, flicking it with the tip, making me beg her to continue. She drove me to the edge of climax repeatedly, only to move off, find another area to lave.

Finally, I was begging, pleading with her. My legs were spread as far as possible and I was mesmerized by the sight of her head between them. Her content sounds as she feasted on me were so provocative. I felt my body quivering with need, felt the climax building beyond control. My legs locked around her head, holding her there. The rush in my head was uncontrollable. I couldn't stop. My entire body ceased movement, I couldn't even breathe. Then, the orgasm tore through me, heating my very core then causing spasms that shook me. I called out, begged her to stop, begging her NOT to stop!

She continued, riding my spasms to the end. One last lick and she kissed my weary pussy, lovingly patting me. Her face was shiny with my juices, and she straightened to kiss me. I closed my eyes, relishing the exquisite release, and when I opened them, she was gone. My pussy continued to throb softly, womanly juices running down my thighs. Slowly, I returned to reality. I sat up straighter and rewrapped my pink towel. Almost immediately, the door opened and the little aerobic ladies entered the room. I smiled at them as I exited on wobbly legs.

In the dressing room, there was no sign of my lover. Sighing, I pulled on my denim dress and gathered my stuff and left. I relived the experience all the way home, wondering if I should share it with Chris.

I didn't have to wonder long. As I entered the kitchen, he was waiting for me, naked and massively engorged. He kissed me brutally, pulling my dress over my head. He pushed me over the counter, face down, and moved between my legs, his cock already searching for my cunt. As he entered me, he seemed surprised by the swollen condition of my pussy.

I smiled over my shoulder at him. "A funny thing happened at the gym today...." I began.

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By CJ-Rex [Ignore] at 27,Dec,17 09:31
Sexy story.

By sigint [Ignore] at 23,Nov,17 14:50
Great story

By PNess [Ignore] at 23,Nov,17 06:34
Sexy, sexy story. You tell it so well. Wow. Thank you.

By tencem [Ignore] at 31,Oct,17 18:50
So... hard.... ugh.....

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