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Member for Nine Years

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By shorty [Ignore] at 01,Nov,17 06:35   Pageviews: 45

Time for my yearly blog entry: Today it's already nine years since I have joined this site!
(entries of the last eight years below)

Member for Eight years - By shorty at 01,Nov,16 14:45
Same procedure as every year... Now eight years!
For those who are interested, I kept the entries of the last seven years:

7 Years Anniversary - By shorty at 05,Nov,15 05:26
Now it's already seven years that I show my little willy on this site ;-)

6 Years Anniversary - By shorty at 01,Nov,14 07:15
Now it's already six years ago that I joined this site. Still having fun to show my little dick to others Still excited about every comment and message

5 Years Anniversary - By shorty at 26,Apr,14 16:56
I missed my anniversary... now it's over five years that I joined this site!

4 Years Anniversary - By shorty at 05,Dec,12 04:40
Nearly missed it... Now it's four years that I'm a member of this site! Still having fun watching other people's pics and showing off myself!

3 Years Anniversary - By shorty at 01,Nov,11 07:15
Another year over... still having lots of fun here, although there are many people who just post internet pics, which is sad. I haven't posted many pics myself lately, but will do more again in the future. At the moment I let my pubes grow again (after about 15 years of shaving I'm so excited how it will look and feel), so for all the fans of hairy dicks: stay tuned!

2 Years Anniversary - By shorty at 01,Nov,10 17:54
Another year passed and I'm still here. Still wanking! Still having fun taking pics and vids of myself! Thanks to everybody who commented and contacted me! No thanks to all the people who post internet pics instead of their own.

1 Year Anniversary - By shorty at 01,Nov,09 19:47
I don't think that I will blog very often... Just wanted to let everyone know that today it's exactly one year that I joined this site! And I still visit everyday!

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By bella! [Ignore] at 01,Nov,17 09:18
Happy Anniversary, shorty, you deserve recognition!

I had hoped that admin would find space somewhere on the site and post the anniversary information of all members but admin feels that posring that information would infringe on member's privacy.
By shorty [Ignore] at 02,Nov,17 05:36

I don't think publishing the date of registration would infringe many people, in most cases you can tell by looking at their first post.

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