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MsTits' Latest Fetish

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By MsTits [Ignore] at 01,Nov,17 10:56   Pageviews: 70

Jim here again.........

Wanted to share with you MsTits' latest fetish. And it's one that Mark and I were a little uncomfortable with at first, because we are both straight. However MsTits can be very convincing.

It all started when Tits was sucking my cock and I blew a big load into her mouth. Prior to me cumming in her mouth she told me she had a "surprise" for me. Once she took all my seed she started kissing me (on my mouth). I had thought she'd swallowed my load because that's what she always does. But this time she had stored all my cum in her mouth. So she started to her stick her tongue in my mouth and when I opened she began swapping the cum into my mouth. I was startled at first but quickly found it erotic.

MsTits took this to another whole level the next time we got together with Mark. What we often do is I'll lick and suck her clit while Mark side-straddles her face so she can suck his cock and I can watch while eating her cunt. Once I get her to orgasm, this is Mark's cue to cum in her mouth. So when Mark shot his load, Tits motioned to me to come up to her face where she promptly forced her tongue into my mouth along with Mark's cum....I had wrongly assumed that she had swallowed his spunk. I had never tasted another man before and was kind of embarrassed as well as surprised. MsTits thought this was very funny.....so did Mark. When Tits saw Mark laughing, she said to him, "Hey buddy, it's your turn next."

Once I overcame my initial surprise I got very aroused. Seeing my rock-hard cock, Tits went after it with great enthusiasm as she engulfed my cock head into her mouth. It tokk me about one minute to bust my load. MsTits then climbed on top of Mark and started the cum swapping with him. After Tits was finished with Mark we all had a good laugh. Since we started this new fetish we've been swapping about every third time we do our threesomes. It's very, very kinky.

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By Rockncocks [Ignore] at 04,Nov,17 08:54
Mmmmmmmm I love cum kissing!

By kre8tor69 [Ignore] at 03,Nov,17 17:14
Oh you silly folks! Next she will ask you both to drink the cum directly from the pipe. That is what I tried. Still working on the taste and texture of it but I sure am liking the doing it. Being hetroflexible now has allowed me to learn why gals kihe tits love to suck cock so much! Just need more practice. Maybe on more str8 guys looking for something different!

By edalguy [Ignore] at 03,Nov,17 11:45
Sounds hot, Id love to be there to taste you all

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